5 Lessons In The Mental Game Of Business

A Weekend At Tim’s

I recently held the first of the biannual, in-person, weekend workshops with my Ignite Mastermind.

Since we’re a small group I rented a big house in Scottsdale, Arizona instead of a hotel.

From 1pm on Friday until about 1pm on Sunday, we worked.

It’s fun doing these workshops because when you get people together who are excited about growing their businesses, spending their entire weekend working is fun.

Fun…not my word. Theirs. Though I had a great time too.

What can be learned in a Weekend At Tim’s?

1) Business is mostly mental.

If you’ve got a clear path to achieve your goals and it isn’t happening, then your thoughts are the barrier. Get an objective mentor who is willing to tell you the truth and able to help you get creative.

2) Part of the mental game: FOCUS.

A lack of focus for a leader of a small company causes immense stress, low profits, and takes longer to reach your goals.

3) Do the math.

Having a hard time focusing because several opportunities look good, or the work that pays your bills isn’t the future of your company?

Do the math on what it will take to replace the old work with new.

4) Surround yourself with ambition.

To improve your business acumen and your mental game, surround yourself with ambitious people ESPECIALLY if they work for you. Your team, because it is so small, must be filled with people as excited about succeeding as you are.

5) Let yourself make more money.

Business is difficult at times, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

It definitely doesn’t have to be a broke-ass struggle.

Sit down with someone(s) that’s been where you want to go and create a plan on how to bring in a year’s worth of revenue in the next 3 months.

There was a lot more, but I’ll leave it those lessons for another day.

If you’re a B2B Service Professional, Agency or Consultancy and you can get more information here if you’re interested in the Ignite Mastermind.

We meet online twice a month and our next in-person, weekend workshop is happening in early October.  Join now to learn how to let yourself make more money.



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