90 Day Targets

Hit Your Quarterly Targets

Finish 2017 Strong
By Learning How To Plan, Set & Achieve Your Goals

You’ve most likely read a dozen or more books on goal setting and another dozen or more on productivity, yet your company has a tendency to miss annual goals.  Hell, your company misses most of its quarterly goals, too.

How do I know this?

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs just like you for almost two decades and nearly every one of them fails to hit their quarterly targets.  When goal setting they tend to pick numbers out of the air that sound good — either sound achievable (i.e. realistic) or sound motivating (i.e. stretch goals).

If that feels a little too familiar for you, then keep reading.

Over the last four years I’ve been working with my one-on-one clients to dial in a system for planning, setting and achieving 90-day targets.

What I’ve discovered is that goals aren’t set it and forget it.  They are ideas waiting for you to turn them into living, breathing reality.

When my clients would set their 90 day targets, they would soon forget them because of the daily grind.  The never-ending pull of a million different priorities would quickly drown out their best intentions.

To counter the grind, I’ve created the Forge Your Expansion 90-Day Targets coaching program based off of my Mindset Metrics™ training.

When you’re swamped with doing entrepreneurship, you will struggle to develop the habit of tracking your targets.

The Forge Your Expansion coaching is designed to turn your goals into habits.

Let me tell you straight-up this isn’t some online course.  It is a group coaching program where I’ll be guiding you to develop the habit of goal achievement.

When I say achievement, I mean for your company — you, your employees, contractors and vendors.  I don’t know of any goal-setting book that shows you how to get your team to achieve your goals.  The Forge Your Expansion coaching will help you to get your team to achieve their 90 day targets.

Here’s What Is Inside

✓ Live Kickoff Call on Tuesday September 26 at 10am US Eastern time.

✓ Live Monthly Group Coaching Calls dates to be determined for October, November and December.

✓ Weekly Accountability Roll Call

✓ Supplementary Training Materials such as videos, articles and worksheets.

✓ BONUS: You will also receive free access to my new private entrepreneur community, The Forge, until January 1, 2018.

Forge Your Expansion begins October 1 and ends December 31st.

This coaching program is $599 until the October 1, 2017 when enrollment closes.

Sick of your company missing targets?

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