8 Ways To Find Out What People Need

Before Starting Your Business Or Creating A Product
Know What Your Market Needs

Know the wants and needs of your target market puts you on a fast-track to success.

Not knowing and just throwing out products to see what sticks is a lousy approach and will most likely lead to failure instead of success.

Listen in to this episode and you may be surprised at some of the simple methods you can use right now to know what your prospective customers need.

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  1. Wazzup Izzy and Tim,
    Great show.  I’m commenting because I didn’t want to be one of the thousands of people who listen to the show and don’t give any feedback.  All of those methods are great ways to find out what people want/need and I hope to write them down one day so I can have them handy.  Here’ s one more way.  See what people are downloading from your site.  I have about 4 different things people can download for free from my site but one is definitely more popular than the rest.  I now know that I should focus more on that particular one.  That’s just one to add to your list.  Great, now I’m wondering if you said this one already.  I was eating pizza when listening to your show and all the whole world goes blurry when I’m eating pizza.  Anyways, great show!

  2. Hi Tim and Izzy!

    I love your podcast and have learned sooo much so far from listening to you guys. I know that Tim mentioned a couple podcasts ago that he reads all the time. I love to read as well!  I would love to see a list of the books that you are currently reading on your blog. You could even like to Amazon for affiliate sales. Thanks again!

  3. Hey Izzy, what transcription service did you end up going with? Also I’d be super interested in your guys thought on how to structure partnerships. Terms, agreements, mindset and all that fun stuff. Anyways, thanks guys.

  4. Hi Guys,
    Listening to your discussion on stackoverflow – they used to let you take advantage of their codebase and create your own site, but have since abandoned that model and have started stackexchange and area51 , which launches new QA communities through an established process.  I let you know since you guys dabble in wordpress – http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/ .  They have sites for DIY home repairs, Jewish studies and English – so their topics are wide ranging and not limited to the original stackoverflow which most people are familiar with.  However, if you are still wanting to add this type of interaction to your site, the open source community has come to your rescue:  http://www.osqa.net/ .  This is just one of many stackoverflow clones.  Cheers! Sam @ http://www.audiopropellor.com 

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