A Mother’s Entrepreneurship Journey To Eventual Millionaire – FA164


Women’s Entrepreneurship Series Continues…

Balancing parenthood, entrepreneurship and all of life’s hurdles can be a challenging task. How can we keep up the juggling act while remaining balanced and grounded?  To give us a woman’s perspective on it all is Jamie Tardy, host of the Eventual Millionaire podcast.

Jamie is an entrepreneurial coach who is all about keeping it real when it comes to personal and financial success. After interviewing dozens of millionaires, Jaime is here to share her wisdom on being a well-rounded individual while carving your own entrepreneurial path.

Whether you’re thinking of ditching the day job or struggling with your current situation, listen in to today’s episode as Tim and Jaime break it all down.

Bringing Success Back To Reality…

  • Making money simply, but not so easily.
  • Self-belief and accomplishing your goals.
  • Nurturing the flame within us all.
  • How to properly learn from our mistakes.
  • The importance of a strong support structure.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

A Mother’s Entrepreneurship Journey – FA164
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  1. I really enjoyed this episode.

    Thanks Tim for bringing up your opinion on Gary V’s idea that entreprenuership is DNA-related, or it’s in ones DNA to hustle. I’ve struggled with Gary’s idea for a while now as I never felt that entrepreneurship was in my DNA, or is inate to “who I am”, who I was born to be, or skills I was born with. I never sold cards or candy as a kid, never had an inkling to hustling. When I did have jobs that were related to selling, like being a teen employed as a telemarketer who was too preoccupied with skateboards magazines, I was horrible at it. But now that I’ve started a business in the past year I feel as if I’m learning every day on the job, from knowing literally nothing, and building my company with successes and mistakes. I think entrepreneurship, as well as most other things, can be built with learning new habits and skills over time, and doesn’t necessarily mean one is born with these things.

    Related to that I don’t necessarily like the idea of “the type of person who ____”. Again, I don’t feel as if humans are born as “types”, or born with certain characteristics that define us as a type who will go through life acting out the characteristics of that “type”. I truly believe as humans full of potential and possibility that we can define at every moment who we are and how we are going be in the world. We can then go and act in a way that is in accordance to who and how we declare ourselves to be.
    So if I let go of “Well, I’m the type of person who does this or thinks that way”, then I can create myself anew at every moment.
    Recent research has shown that the brain is like plastic and is malleable, regenerative, and restorative, and at every moment we are changing.
    What I believe is that there is no “type” of you in your brain controlling the you that is your body, and there is no innate, already established, pre-defined you. We have the ability to change and grow at every moment, and at every moment we can declare ourselves to be any way.
    So I can declare myself an entrepreneur, an eventual millionaire, or a person who sells women’s shirts, and act in a way in accordance to who I declare myself to be.

    Hi Jamie, my wife and I recently moved to Pemaquid, ME to help bootstrap our new business. Where are you located?

    1. Awesome! I’m right near Auburn ME! 🙂
      I love it- you are whatever you declare yourself to be. 🙂
      There is a cool conference in Portland called Agents of Change with some bigger names speaking from the online world. Let me know if you might be going there! (if so, I can try to get you an Eventual Millionaire T-shirt, that’s a great way to declare it! 😉

      1. Hey
        Sorry won’t be able to make it to the conference (getting married this weekend), but it does sound pretty awesome. I’d love to stay in touch and hopefully meet up someday anywhere in Maine. It really is “vacationland” here.

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