Add Six Figures To Your Income Through Consulting – FA185


Kicking Off Our Three Part Series On Jump-Starting Your Consulting Career…

Over the next three episodes we’re going to be diving into all things consulting and how if done correctly, can build or add an extra six figures a year.

But it wouldn’t be an episode all about consulting without our good buddy and successful consultant in his own right, Samuel Woods.

Whether you’re already established in the consulting game, or just a freelancer ready to step it up to the next level, over these next three weeks Tim and Samuel are going to change the way you approach your work and how you can take better control over your income.

So to get the ball rolling, this week we’re starting with the basics and fundamental concepts of effective and successful consulting. Be sure to tune in to the next two shows as we go into more detail on the idea of positioning and setting up systems for landing clients and fulfilling orders.

Small Hinges Swing Big Doors…

  • How to properly position yourself.
  • Productizing a service.
  • The speed of implementation.
  • Creating a new marketplace vs going into an existing one.
  • Escaping the hourly trap.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Six Figures In 12 Months Or Less…
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Add Six Figures To Your Income Through Consulting, Part One – FA185
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  1. You know what else is a problem? People think that because you’re a 1 off job, that they should get a discount on an employee. So if they would pay an employee 50k a year for a service, they would only want to pay you a rate of 25k per year, but on an hourly or per project basis…. They also have likely never had a w2 employee in their lives and don’t understand self employment taxes, health insurance costs, the fact that they don’t provide you a computer, desk, etc.

  2. This was a right place right time episode. I was struggling with how to present my offerings and using the mindset of productizing my services is perfect. This series overall is perfect timing in my life where I’m breaking out of the enterprise IT world and working to find that value I can bring to my customers. Looking forward to the positioning episode, Tim!

  3. Tim and Johan, I’m glad to hear you guys back together on the podcast. I can’t believe it’s been a year since your last podcast episodes together and I’ve been reflecting on how far I’ve come since then… not too much farther to be honest. I’m still doing all the wrong things here. Working my ass off each day and not really getting the results I’d like to see for my clients nor the paycheck. It’s definitely that 80/20 rule in effect and me just accepting any work that comes to me. I can’t wait for your blueprint to be released. My credit card is in my hand!!

    1. The big thing is to determine who is your best client or who you want your best client to be meaning what characteristics would make you excited and happy to work with these clients.

      Then work to increase your deal flow so that you can feel comfortable turning down the less-than-perfect prospects.

  4. Great podcasts!

    However, one of the things that hasn’t really been answered directly in the first two episodes is this:

    How successful has Johan been now that he’s been at this for awhile with mentoring from Tim?

    Has he reached the six-figure mark himself? Is he close? Johan has made some references to his experiences, but I’d like to hear more about what he’s done, how it’s worked, lessons learned and his future plans.

    Thanks a million for this wonderful content

    1. From the very beginning of FA we’ve developed a tradition of not saying exact numbers. If Johan wants to share how much he is making that is up to him.

      But I will publicly jab him (he already heard it privately a long time ago) about not putting some of my mentoring into action.

      A good portion of the time I mentored Johan he was living in Sweden. I tried to get him to put my teaching into full force there, but he decided to wait until he returned to the US, which kept getting delayed and delayed. He delayed his career as a consultant by about a year. I still had faith in him and so I kept working with him — even recently helping him land a $10,000 website project.

      Getting over our own insecurities, fears and lack of action are the toughest part of becoming an entrepreneur of any kind.

      We’ve already recorded episode 3 in this series so maybe there needs to be a fourth where we discuss all the things that hold us back from success.

      The path to adding six figures is a 6-12 month journey, but our mindset can turn that into 2 or 3 years or never.

      1. Thanks for the response, Tim.

        Yes, the dollar figures aren’t really important. I guess I was just looking to gauge the level of success Johan has had.

        I’d still like to hear more about his experiences. For instance, in the second podcast, Johan mentions he had difficult seeing himself as an authority because there were mistakes as he delivered on his work initially.

        I think many people just starting out who can relate to that, myself included.

        I’m curious how he handled those mistakes. Were the clients aware of the problems? How did he explain them without losing the confidence of the client? How did he use those experiences with future clients?

        And yes, Tim, I really like your idea about discussing what holds us back from success since many of us have those issues.

        Thanks again.

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