Add Six Figures To Your Income Through Consulting – FA185


Kicking Off Our Three Part Series On Jump-Starting Your Consulting Career…

Over the next three episodes we’re going to be diving into all things consulting and how if done correctly, can build or add an extra six figures a year.

But it wouldn’t be an episode all about consulting without our good buddy and successful consultant in his own right, Samuel Woods.

Whether you’re already established in the consulting game, or just a freelancer ready to step it up to the next level, over these next three weeks Tim and Samuel are going to change the way you approach your work and how you can take better control over your income.

So to get the ball rolling, this week we’re starting with the basics and fundamental concepts of effective and successful consulting. Be sure to tune in to the next two shows as we go into more detail on the idea of positioning and setting up systems for landing clients and fulfilling orders.

Small Hinges Swing Big Doors…

  • How to properly position yourself.
  • Productizing a service.
  • The speed of implementation.
  • Creating a new marketplace vs going into an existing one.
  • Escaping the hourly trap.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Six Figures In 12 Months Or Less…
Ignite Your Consulting Business With ConsultingFuse.


Add Six Figures To Your Income Through Consulting, Part One – FA185
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