Adventure Philanthropy: Running A Business While Doing Good With Scott Brills – FA141

What Does Travelling Five Months In A Shoe Have To Do With Business?

In today’s episode of The Foolish Adventure Show your intrepid host (that’s me) is joined by adventure philanthropist, Scott Brills.

Indiana Brills (no one calls him that) shares his tale of driving a shoe — yes, a shoe, from the United Kingdom to South Africa.

Scott and several of his friends turned two Subaru cars into Converse sneakers and drove them over 13,000 miles to raise money to help educate children in Ethiopia and to fund water wells through Charity:Water.

You’ll hear how Scott ran his business with limited Internet access, overcame break downs (both mechanical and personal), evaded bandits, and so much more all while having a Foolish Adventure of a lifetime.

What I love about Scott’s story is that too many people think they have to work their whole lives, save their pennies, retire and then go have adventure, or worse, to start doing good in the world.

Scott shows us through his actions that you can help those in need while running a business and designing a fulfilling life. Don’t wait for someday. Have adventures now. Do good now.

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim “Shoeless” Conley

PS. To help other entrepreneurs in the world, consider joining the Foolish Adventure Kiva team.

FA141 – Adventure Philanthropy: Running A Business While Doing Good With Scott Brills
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