Are You Chasing Fads Or Trends – FA059

Take Advantage Of Fads & Trends To Build A Successful Business

In this episode we have a conversation about fads and trends and what that can mean to your business.  

Learn to identify the difference between a fad and a trend so you can create the right kind product.  We discuss how the skill to identify a coming fad or trend comes from developing your “producer” mindset which is critical for value creation.

We cover two big trends that Tim thinks will continue to grow exponentially and that you should find your place inside one or both of those trends.

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  1. Would it kill you to put proper titles on the audio files? I never know which freaking podcast is which until I click through a million episodes. It’s very frustrating

    1. It might just kill us. I’m afraid to find out. 🙂
      Izzy is in charge of our show RSS feed, but when I see the show in iTunes it is always in order of the most recent show. Not sure about other podcast system.

      1. My point is it’s unnecessary time consumption to copy and paste proper titles over the numbers and letters when I could be reading it directly from the title of the file. fa059-zzp.mp3 would be fine as long as when I placed the file into Itunes it identified the podcast as “Are You Chasing Fads or Trends”. It’d only take another moment; You two are spending God knows how long speaking on the podcast itself. I’m somewhat surprised it wasn’t second nature to whoever was managing the audio file’s details.  

        1. I’ll bring it up with Izzy to see what he can do about it. I’m not sure why the titles don’t show up for you in iTunes since they are on my iTunes automatically. All I did was subscribe to the show in iTunes — that’s the extent of my RSS knowledge and it is showing for me. This is the first time in nearly a year of doing this that we have heard that people weren’t getting the titles.

          1. I download all of my Foolish Adventure audio files directly from this website. There’s a way to program details into audio files such as title, author, etc. which should show on Itunes whether the file is downloaded from your site or through an Itunes subscription. Often times I’m not using my personal computer to visit this site and I’m not at liberty to just download files onto the PC I use. I download files onto my ipod and then I transfer them into Itunes later. I know if the information is written within the audio file itself they should have the same informaton when placed into an Itunes library no matter where one gets the file from.

  2. Just wanted to pop in and express how much I appreciate your podcasts (and the U) — I learn so much every episode/post.  You two rock and I’m so grateful for all that you do.


    =) Liz

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