Building An Infoproduct And Software Empire With Amy Hoy – FA165


Start With A Solid Foundation…

In the third part of our women in entrepreneurship series, Tim talks with Amy Hoy of

Amy is a proud high school and college dropout who combines her technological savvy with marketing brilliance to incredible effect.

After quitting her job at Limewire in 2007, Amy has gone from strength to strength working at her true passion of building web-based products from the ground up. Her story is an inspirational one of going against the status quo, throwing away the script and taking control of one’s future.

Listen in as Tim and Amy give up some valuable advice on community, education, structure and success which can be applied to your life and business.

Going Against The Grain…

  • Taking the initial plunge and how to transition.
  • Being around a like-minded community – does the internet count?
  • Credentials and how to build a portfolio.
  • How important is support?
  • Getting off the rails.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Building An Infoproduct And Software Empire With Amy Hoy – FA165
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  1. I’m glad this was the second podcast of the foolish adventure that I listened to. If it was the first I probably would not download any more and just walk away. I found the guest to be extremely unpleasant. She sounded unprepared and frankly was boring. I feel as if I wasted my time listening to this podcast as there was nothing actionable, interesting or insightful in the discussion. Sorry to be so blunt, but wow.

    1. Not all guest’s experiences and stories speak to everyone. This week’s episodes weren’t meant to speak to men anyways. It’s a celebration of women entrepreneurs for women entrepreneurs. Amy has a unique history and perspective that I hope will be an inspiring tale for other women.

  2. I’m not sure if I heard it right, but she said that she didn’t finish high school, dropped out of college, couldn’t code well, but then she learned how to code by having someone teach her? I was a little lost there. I thought she was advocating doing things on your own, learning through work, as opposed to being taught.

    Very interesting podcast nonetheless. I see how Amy could rub people the wrong way, men or women.

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