Finding Work Life Balance While Building An Expat Tax Business Abroad – FA178


The Traveller’s Guide To Remotely Building Your Future…

We all love to hear stories of those people with the guts and ambition to take on new challenges in what many see as challenging environments. So during Tim’s recent trip over in Bali, he met up with a truly inspirational couple doing exactly that, and has invited them on to the show to share the knowledge they’ve gained from starting a family and building a successful business abroad.

Originally from New York and now based in Bali, David and Carrie McKeegan are the founders of Greenback Tax Services, a company specializing in preparing taxes for US expats. Both sharing a real passion for travel and seeking out new experiences, they found it completely natural to settle down overseas and lay the foundations for the future of their company and family.

The prospect of setting up a new business in an unknown environment can be exciting and life changing, but for many of us knowing how to step out of our comfort zones can seem almost impossible. By sharing their experiences and achievements, David and Carrie are sure to give you that extra motivation you need if you have ever considered taking your business or family on the road less traveled by.

Lifestyle Design Isn’t Just For 20-Somethings…

  • How to benefit your family life without compromising your ambitions.
  • The financial and lifestyle benefits of moving abroad.
  • Tips on hiring and structuring a new company.
  • Being picky with your employees and building company culture.
  • Running a distributed workforce in a difficult timezone.
  • Where does the business relationship end and the happy marriage begin?


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Building And Balancing A Family Expat Tax Business Abroad – FA178
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