Business Gets Personal With Andrew Warner Of Mixergy – FA115

Sometimes Things Don’t Go As Planned

I set out to interview Andrew Warner of Mixergy fame about the insights he’s gained from interviewing over 700 entrepreneurs. He gets such personal information from them and gets them to reveal as much about themselves as they reveal about their business.

There’s that old cliche’ that “It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business,” but what we all know instinctively (and try to hide) is that our business is very personal. Our interactions with our customers has a personal effect on us (wait till you get hate mail for the first time, then you’ll truly feel how personal business is).

So what happened in this episode is Andrew and I talked about the personal side of being an entrepreneur — the insecurities, the ambition, feeling like an outsider and the feeling of success. We want to accomplish big things, but feel we have to hide them from the world for fear of being called foolish and being ostracized by not just society, but by our family and friends.

This isn’t my normal style interview and it definitely was far from normal for Andrew, but I really believe that message in this episode is critical for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

Dive in and discover your vision.

Enjoy Your Personal Adventure,

Tim “Reginald Bradford III” Conley

Andrew’s Favorite Interview: Twitch TV

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FA115 – Business Gets Personal

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