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Light ‘Em Up!

Things have been heating up over at ConsultingFuse — our brand new community for freelancers, consultants, coaches, and done-for-you service providers.

And the number 1 hot topic is getting clients.

Not just getting clients, but getting them fast!

Oh, and not just fast, they have to be great clients to work with and pay well too.

Since Samuel and I are teaching how to do that in Fuse, we decided to sit down and record some of the advice so you can use it too.

The biggest problem people have with getting clients is keeping the pipeline full. Yeah, getting your first client seems insurmountable, but it can be solved with a bit of hustle. But keeping the sales pipeline full takes planning, systems and consistency.

Having a system to consistently attract new, qualified prospects is probably the most important aspect for a consultant or freelancer. It prevents the lean months from happening. It prevents the stress, fear and panic that creeps in when your bank account continues to dwindle while you’re out hustling to find a new client.

It keeps deal flow high so you can turn down bad clients. It keeps deals waiting for you while you fulfill the work you’ve already sold.

And it allows you to command premium fees so you’re not a pauper.

Listen in as Samuel and I share how to fill the pipeline.

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim “Lit Fuse” Conley

PS. We still have a couple spots left for charter membership in the ConsultingFuse Community. Join us and learn how to achieve or add six figures in 12 months or less.

Filling Your Sales Pipeline With Qualified Prospects – FA191
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