Crush The Barriers That Are Holding You Back – FA189

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Part Four Of The Six Figure Consulting Series (Sort Of)

The Six Figure Consulting Series stirred some things up…

I received dozens of emails, some tweets and a couple comments that basically went like this, “That consulting thing sounds nice, but I just can’t get myself going. I feel paralyzed and don’t know what to do.”

Too many people wanting to become an entrepreneur of any kind, not just a consultant, think all they need is “how” to do it and they’ll figure out “what” to do.

But success in anything is at least 80% mental (probably more like 95%). Many people lose before they have ever gotten started.

I’ve done that. I had ideas that I thought were brilliant, but within weeks, days or minutes I’ve told myself all the reasons it would never work or why I couldn’t do it. Maybe someone else could, but not me.

On the show I’ve said many times that people overcomplicate business. My two sayings are: “To be in business all you need is a customer,” and “Business is simply exchanging one value for another. You find something that someone wants and you trade it for the money they have.”

Listen in as Samuel Woods and I discuss the mental barriers that have held us back from pursuing our business dreams.

Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Crush The Barriers That Are Holding You Back – FA189
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  1. Loved this episode. I’d have to say, my biggest mental hang up goes more like this “why should I get paid to do something I like to do when the majority of everyone else gets paid even less to do what they hate” Kind of a weird, fairness/success guilt thing going on in my head.

    1. Another side of that is the Zero Sum mentality — “if I get more then that means others get less.” Not true, but many believe it. Probably goes back to childhood when parents and authority figures forced kids to share.

      1. Tim, Interesting comment. I’m not going to hold you to this, but does that mean parenting styles should not enforce sharing? By my reckoning, Jake’s mindset probably came from (sorry to talk about you Jakes as if your not listening) a mindset of scarcity and that money is finite. I think that mentality is definitely from my parents. Parent: “No Matt you can’t have that, money doesn’t grow on trees” Matt: “But….money is made out of paper, so therefore is does grow on trees” Parent: clips Matt behind the ear: “Go work really hard for someone else, thats where money comes from”.

        1. Oh, you can hold me to it.

          I was speaking specifically of Zero Sum mentality. What you’re describing is a different form of scarcity.

          With sharing (I do think sharing is fine if voluntary) is that I’ve never seen nor heard of a parent or authority figure who convinced a child it was in his or her best interest to share with others.

          What happens is one kid wants what another kid has. Kid with toy rightly doesn’t want to give it up because she’s playing with it. Kid without toy throws a fit and then parent/authority figure comes over tells kid with toy to “share,” which means give the other kid what you have.

          Forcing children to share isn’t really sharing. It is taking from one and giving to another. The lesson is if you have something then others do not have — zero sum, which is a fallacy.

          This mentality gets transferred to money, which is essentially infinite — more can be made at anytime, and people feel that if they made more of it then others in the world would have less of it.

  2. Tim, the last few episodes have been MINDSET GOLD. I’ve especially loved the series you’ve done with Mr Woods. I think you really shine when you examine why your guests do things the way they do and in turn provide your perspective. Thanks Tim!

  3. Tim, the audio by Earl Nightingale “The Strangest Secret” has really helped me to think positivity and over come the my mental doubts. I try to listen to it at least 3 times a week to keep me on track.

  4. Tim, thank you for putting this episode out and exploring the more taboo topic of emotions in business–you are helping many (particularly men) to conquer the fear by discussing it. As a professional mediator on complex business cases, I have observed how ignored emotions can snowball into much bigger problems.

    Enjoying the podcast and your fun energy. Tim, thanks for all you do!

    1. Thanks for listening to the show. Men, especially in the US, are pressured to not show weakness (ie. emotions) and so they bottle up everything and it comes out in, typically, destructive ways.

      If I knew what I was doing on the emotional front I would start an entrepreneurial men’s group that would give them a safe place to be themselves and overcome their limiting beliefs and repressed emotions.

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