Crush The Barriers That Are Holding You Back – FA189

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Part Four Of The Six Figure Consulting Series (Sort Of)

The Six Figure Consulting Series stirred some things up…

I received dozens of emails, some tweets and a couple comments that basically went like this, “That consulting thing sounds nice, but I just can’t get myself going. I feel paralyzed and don’t know what to do.”

Too many people wanting to become an entrepreneur of any kind, not just a consultant, think all they need is “how” to do it and they’ll figure out “what” to do.

But success in anything is at least 80% mental (probably more like 95%). Many people lose before they have ever gotten started.

I’ve done that. I had ideas that I thought were brilliant, but within weeks, days or minutes I’ve told myself all the reasons it would never work or why I couldn’t do it. Maybe someone else could, but not me.

On the show I’ve said many times that people overcomplicate business. My two sayings are: “To be in business all you need is a customer,” and “Business is simply exchanging one value for another. You find something that someone wants and you trade it for the money they have.”

Listen in as Samuel Woods and I discuss the mental barriers that have held us back from pursuing our business dreams.

Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Crush The Barriers That Are Holding You Back – FA189
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