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Ian and Dan on a Jeepny

Using Systems To Scale Your Business And Your Lifestyle

My good buddies, Dan and Ian of the Lifestyle Business Podcast, share the way they work each day in their businesses and the “process thinking” that allows them to succeed.

These guys are running several business units in very different areas — a media company, a products company with a few divisions and soon they’ll be in the software biznass too.

With all this going on you would think they wouldn’t have time to gallivant around the globe and indulge in hobbies like motorcycle and auto racing (well at least Ian has cool hobbies).

Listen in as they describe what they do in their work and lives that allow them to build rapidly growing and successful businesses while still getting to enjoy life. Here’s a hint: it comes down to systems.

Systems Thinking Resources

The One Thing by Gary Keller
Work The System by Sam Carpenter
Emyth Mastery by Michael Gerber
Getting Things Done by David Allen
How To Run A Million Dollar Business With Ian Schoen

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim “Not Working” Conley

FA152 – How I Work With Dan & Ian Of The Lifestyle Business Podcast
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