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My friend and mastermind member, Jack Zerby, is a founder at and formerly of (acquired by, joins us to talk about designing your entrepreneurial life.

See, Jack is a designer. He has taken some really big risks with his life and his family’s lives (Jack is married with children). In our conversations, both private and in my mastermind, Jack sees startups and entrepreneurship through a design lens.

This design perspective is lost on many, especially marketers who have a “I don’t care what it looks like as long as it sells” attitude.

Well, it is getting harder and harder to sell with ugly. But more than that…

As entrepreneurs (or budding ones), we take risks and many times without having designed what our outcome and success is supposed to look like.

Listen in as Jack shares his startup adventures and how design is a key factor in the success of his startups and his life.

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim “Foolsie” Conley

FA151 – Designing Startups With Jack Zerby
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  • InLA

    Tim & Jack,

    This episode was great and possibly my favorite as there were a number of points that resonated with my entrepreneurial pursuit.

    I also worked for one company mentioned and another former ‘Video’ play (A competitor not mentioned during this episode). The second company (Video) had a similar view, as they were VC funded, however rather than outside interests altering the vision, it happened internally on a daily basis.

    Much like Jack’s story, I began to realize that my entrepreneurial interests became far greater and left the troubled organization (Except, I did not have a safety net and simply had faith that I could make a living as a freelancer). The months following that decision were incredibly difficult and it was extremely challenging both mentally and physically – it was literally a life altering experience. Very few actually talk about the real life obstacles of pursuing entrepreneurship – which is really where the most critical insight is revealed. Moreover, no one accidentally stumbles into a successful business model because they have VC funding, as sites like TechCrunch would have readers believe.

    Fast forward to today, I now have a new budding business and from a place of experience – knowing what I know now and looking back at how it all went down, I not only have a completely different mindset, but also absolutely no regrets.

  • It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you…always worth the wait. This episode was so cool..even though you guys talked tech way above my head. Even I understand what $50 mil is about! Thanks again for sharing!

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