Develop A Six-Figure Mindset And Kickstart Your Success – FA184

terry-linFind Your Big Enough Why And Everything Else Will Follow…

This week we’re bringing Foolish Adventure back to its humble roots – helping entrepreneurs build a successful online business and working towards an extra six figures in your pocket a year.

We all know this is no easy task, so to help us along our path to success is our good buddy and guest co-host, Terry Lin of Build My Online Store. As someone who’s gone from every day stock broker to e-commerce authority, Terry is just the guy to talk to about ditching the norm and pushing for true financial freedom.

In this mindset episode, we’re going to be narrowing down what it takes to achieve our entrepreneurial goals – but more importantly, why we’re doing all this in the first place. Because once we figure out the why, the what will come easier, and the how will become truly trivial.

Having A Success You Hate Is A Horrible Place To Be…

  • Setting realistic goals to maintain motivation.
  • Harnessing your transferable skillset.
  • Focusing on your intrinsic motivators.
  • The simplicity of business.
  • How to step back when something just isn’t working.
  • Going against the social grain.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Develop A Six-Figure Mindset And Kickstart Your Success With Terry Lin – FA184
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  1. Great episode Tim & Terry! I liked your conversational style as well as the emphasis on the importance of digging deep to understand your intrinsic motivators.

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