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Sow The Seeds Of Unique Ability

You and your company have Core Competencies (or Unique Ability) that you have and develop over time.

This episode, guest starring Lain Ehmann, dives into really implementing core competency in your business. I’ve got issues with a lot of gurus who talk core competency or unique ability that say you should just focus on that, but they don’t give instructions on how that works in a fledgling company where it’s just you — doing everything.

I think Lain and I do a decent job explaining how you can develop into your core competency as you grow your business.

Oh, during the recording I was a bit wired on espresso so be warned that I go a little crazy.

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Enjoy your Caffeinated Adventure,

Tim “The Great Cornholio” Conley

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    1. I don’t understand it either. We’ll understand that certain things require an expert, but administrative stuff must be done by ourselves when our expertise should be implemented elsewhere.

  1. Another great show. The big takeouts for me were “Don’t work in your business, work on your business” and “Don’t overmake products”, which I am both liable for.
    Very inspiring as always, can’t wait for the next episode.
    On a side note, some time ago I tested the delay of the newsletter popup on my site and the results varied by up to 400% (8 secs being the best), based on 150 subscribers. You may want to test this on FA too. Best wishes! Chris Trynkiewicz

  2. Great show! Totally agree that most small business owners continue to do things “because that’s the way they always done them”. Sometimes it takes an outside set of eyes to come in and ask why.
    I also love you points on delegating to your team as soon as possible. When I initially started my first business, I started developing processes from the beginning because I knew how I wanted my company to function in the future. I truly believe the key to a successful business is in the details – the systems.
    Thanks again for all you do!

    1. Shelia, thanks for listening. Systemizing your business is the only way to actually get freedom from a job. As long as you work in your business you still have a job, but for some people that’s enough — at least they feel they are calling their own shots.

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