The Power Of Sales: Make Huge Profits With Discount Pricing – FA116

Can You Put Your Products On Sale And Still Be A Profitable Company?

That’s basically the question posed to me by my guest co-host Lain Ehmann of

She wanted to have a conversation around discount pricing and whether it was good for business. If it was good for business, how could it be used profitably?

One major downfall of discounting is that it can cheapen your brand to the point no one will pay prices you need to remain in business.

In this episode, Lain and I give you:

  • types of discounting you can do,
  • when to use discounting,
  • how to build a list of buyers using sales,
  • reward your loyal customers,
  • and how to make all of it profitable.

This is a practical guide to having sales on your products while still building a valuable brand. Listen in and start using discounting properly.

Tim “Scratch-n-Dent” Conley

FA116 – Profitable Discounting

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