Are You Creating A New Product Or Starting A Business?

Then this episode will teach you how to quickly discover your prospective customers’ desires and pains so you can validate your business idea.

I want to bring Lean Startup Methods to the Niche Site world so that niche site owners can become full-fledged business owners. I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with nearly a hundred niche site owners now and I discovered that their businesses were small because of limiting beliefs about their market and not because their market was tiny.

I don’t say that as a slam. It’s an opportunity. Once a person realizes the only thing holding themselves back is themselves they can change their circumstances. That’s what I do best — I help people gain the skills AND the mindset to take control of their circumstances to build the business and the life they want.

When I found out about today’s guest, Robert Graham, I knew I had to get him on the Show to share with you a business skill that can accelerate your company rapidly. That business skill is called Customer Development.

Customer Development is a Lean Startup methodology used to discover what a market truly needs and will buy before you build a product. This saves you from wasting time and money on solutions your market doesn’t want. It may also move you to a different market if you discover that some other group needs your idea.

Robert Graham has focused on one aspect of Customer Development — Cold Calling.

Yep, that’s what we talk about in this episode. Hey, wait right there. I know that topic is either freaking you out or boring you to tears, but this is a skill every entrepreneur (even online ones) need in their toolbox. As my friend Dan Andrews might say, “Ballers cold call.”

Picking up the phone and speaking to real, live human beings is the fastest way to learn if your idea is valid. And you may even get a customer before you have a business. I’m not joking. This does happen. When you discover a serious pain point in someone’s life he or she is going to want it fixed immediately. You can take their order for your solution right then.

Listen in and learn how to use Cold Calling to validate your business or product idea and then go dial for dollars.

Enjoy your Foolish Calling,

Tim “Ricky Roma” Conley

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