Family Matters In The Online Startup World – FA158


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In business it often takes three years to start building a profit, five years to reach financial stability and seven years to see real growth – hopefully! Strong support and focus are essential during this process.

This week Tim is joined by Josh Ledgard of, a company which specializes in creating leads with effortless landing pages and smart email marketing.

In the podcast Tim and Josh get down to the nitty gritty to discuss the juggling act of entrepreneurship. They talk family, work-life balance, partnerships, marketing and everything in between. You’ll also get the lowdown on how Josh made the transformation from Microsoft software developer to successful business owner.

Finding The Right Balance…
• Building a realistic financial runway for your startup.
• Why a digital startup costs more than you’d think.
• How to scale up from that difficult first $1000.
• A partnership is a lot like a marriage…
• How and why to responsibly divide business partnerships.
• How to find your market and let them find you.

Kickoff Labs
Josh’s personal blog
Josh’s twitter
• Josh’s email: josh /at/

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Enjoy your Foolish Adventure.

FA158 – Family Matters In The Online Startup World With Josh Ledgard
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