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In business it often takes three years to start building a profit, five years to reach financial stability and seven years to see real growth – hopefully! Strong support and focus are essential during this process.

This week Tim is joined by Josh Ledgard of, a company which specializes in creating leads with effortless landing pages and smart email marketing.

In the podcast Tim and Josh get down to the nitty gritty to discuss the juggling act of entrepreneurship. They talk family, work-life balance, partnerships, marketing and everything in between. You’ll also get the lowdown on how Josh made the transformation from Microsoft software developer to successful business owner.

Finding The Right Balance…
• Building a realistic financial runway for your startup.
• Why a digital startup costs more than you’d think.
• How to scale up from that difficult first $1000.
• A partnership is a lot like a marriage…
• How and why to responsibly divide business partnerships.
• How to find your market and let them find you.

Kickoff Labs
Josh’s personal blog
Josh’s twitter
• Josh’s email: josh /at/

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FA158 – Family Matters In The Online Startup World With Josh Ledgard
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  1. I started my first company with a friend when I was 21, straight out of undergrad. Nothing to lose, lots to gain, it was an easy decision. We sold the company 9 years later and it was a life-changing event (not enough for life at the beach, but enough to get some security, buy a house, etc).

    Now on my second start-up, I’ve got a wife, three kids, and a mortgage (among other financial and logistical challenges). So of course, there is much more at risk and much more stress, and that certainly motivates me to be more productive, more visionary, more strategic.

    But the bigger pressure comes from the moral side. I want to show my kids that life is not all about making money and it’s definitely not about working for someone else. It’s about creating freedom: freedom to do what you want, freedom to spend time with your family and friends, freedom to choose your own destiny. And I want to show them that life is about doing good for the world, or at least for the people/community around you. I want my kids to see that you can use your skills and passion to make positive social impact. When they ask me what I do all day (they’re just getting to that age), I want to be able to tell them that I help people. And I want them to come along with me for the ride. The impression I make on them at this young age is what motivates me more than anything else.

    1. Hi Andrew – That’s a great point. That was a huge motivation for me to quit in the first place. I wanted to set a great example of how to live as well as be a better parent because of the freedom.

  2. KickoffLabs has been quite helpful for our platform, HomeSkope, to date. Our landing page has allowed us to present our concept in an engaging way to prospective users and team members alike. While we haven’t been actively “marketing” the landing page, we’ve collected a fair amount of emails and have taken advantage of KOF supported plugins and apps.

    I believe the small investment in KOF is worthwhile, as it allows me to concentrate on business and development, rather than worrying about designing, creating and coding a launch page from scratch.

    Thanks again.

    Kyle Kantor

  3. I enjoyed the podcast today and I always love to hear about balancing work and home life – although I am used to hearing this type of discussion from women – so it was refreshing to hear it from the dad’s perspective.

    I’m a bit green in the world of internet business; but I am set on actively learning. My husband works on our internet site and I’ve happily let him do it while not paying much attention to all the key words and seo talk. So my question is: Is a kick off page the same as a home page? Our office home page is here: but I’m not sure if this is a “landing page” in terms of what you are talking about – is it?

    Thanks! Katie.

    1. We’ve got a great free course at that teaches the basics and beyond. But to answer your specific question:

      In the broadest definition any page on your site could be a landing page. It simply means a page on your site that people “land” on first. But when most marketing people talk about landing pages online they are referring to a page that has a specific goal for the “lander” in mind.

      Our pages and tools are focussed on getting customers to opt into your email list. In a case like yours we would help by:

      1. Having a dedicated landing page for your newsletter list that people could go to in order to subscribe.
      2. Adding one of our signup widgets to your main web site so that those pages could also be used to sign people up to your email list.
      3. Providing you the basic email marketing tools you need to respond automatically to people that sign up and send them regular newsletters.

      This is exactly how we work. Note the landing pages 107 dedicated page… then notice on our home page we use a widget to get people to sign up. Our home page is not build using our product… but the widget and lp107 course pages are.

      We also use our own service as a target for Google Ads. This way we can create specific pages for adwords campaigns in order to convince people that saw a particular ad to sign up for our service.

      Hope that helps a bit!

  4. The Universe is working. I have over three decades of experience teaching tech to adults in either fast-paced corporate environments (20 years in major newspaper newsrooms or professional institutes) or in college-level classrooms (14 years in traditional “brick-and-mortar or, since 2000, online) yet because of the economy, I have experienced three lay offs from the corporate world since September 2008 … the most recent of which was June 30 of this year (I knew this was coming in mid April). That’s a long-winded way of saying that this past week, my long-time friends have convinced me to take my “dabbling in freelance/consulting” endeavors and turn them into a viable full-time job for myself. I am always a happier person when I am in business for myself as I do not have to deal with negative politics, endless meetings with little information or progress, and others who are not into personal development or creative growth. I am a content person — a multimedia journalist — who knows next to nothing about marketing or obtaining conversions as this type of thing was always done for me in the corporate model. “Multi” is also a key string of characters as I know I must focus what I offer to increase the success of my start up. Even partnering with another professional with a similar risk profile to attain one of my core business goals is something I’ve done — on a 50/50 split — in the past two months. These multiple topics are exactly what this podcast covers and it was inspirational to hear details of how Josh (and Scott) have tackled the same ground in the first three years of their adventure. My time is precious, but I like what I’m hearing from Tim and Josh, so you now have my attention. This podcast is inspirational at a time when positive energy is needed. I need help with creating a landing page that works. Like Josh, once I find out what my audience wants and will pay for, I will expand my offerings. My foundational business plan is to sell my knowledge as a product in the form of e-books/tip sheets that support multimedia. From there, I would like to offer multimedia services. My students will tell you (I still teach at the college level on the side), I share what I learn along with what works and what doesn’t, for me. Being able to concentrate on content rather than code would be spectacular. In this regard, Kickoff Labs is worth a detailed look and you’ll be getting one from me. THANK YOU!

  5. Great interview. I am so new, I would not know how to use a landing page. I have a tango school that I am bringing to the digital world, I am planning to sell “How to dance Tango” videos. I have no idea what a landing page could do for my business.

  6. I’d love to win!

    Improving my conversion rates would help my business grow and help me reach my income goals.

    As for the bigger picture: Having more people involved in scrapbooking gives people a meaningful way to tell their own story, remember happy events, work through difficult issues and celebrate life. Plus it’s FUN! 🙂 we all need more fun in our lives, right?

    My best converting landing pages are attached
    A free course for reader of a guest post: Spend your time scrapping, not organising (blue one around 71%)

    And this One Time Offer for my list: The First Aid Kit that will save hours of scrapbooking frustration (orange one about 10%)

    🙂 Melissa

    1. Hi Mellissa,

      Thanks for sharing! It sounds like those pages are doing really well for you. I love the simplicity of the long form sales letters you have there.

      If I could suggest one thing to try… add a link to signup somewhere higher on each of the pages. You never know what is going to drive people to sign up, but it’s helpful to have a direct link to the call to action higher for people that are sold at your tagline. 🙂


  7. Wow! I would love some landing page help. I am new to the online business world and I would love all of the help I can get. I have been soaking up the information I can and trying to put it into practice. I feel like I can now recognize some successful pieces on other websites but I am struggling to implement them on my own. I am eager to learn more about landing pages because I think they are a big factor in website success.

    Like many others, I started my business in order to spend more time with my beautiful kids. I spend quite a bit of time at my day/night/ whenever they can convince me to come in gig and I would love the freedom to spend time with my kids when I/they want. Everyone says that they grow up too fast and if you don’t take the time to be with them now, they will soon be grown and it will be too late. I don’t want to be one of those people who misses out on their children’s wonder years.

    I have included a partial screen shot for a landing page I am working on for an ad that will run soon.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  8. I, unfortunately did not see come across Kickofflabs until I had already signed up for Launchrock. However, the research I’ve done on you guys, and the amount of postive feedback and reviews is overwhelming.

    You have helped so many people live the life the way that life is meant to be lived.

    My landing page can be found here

    1. For some reason that link isn’t working for me. I was hoping to check it out.

      I’m glad people are spreading the good word about our service and hope to win your business in the future. 🙂

  9. Great interview – thanks! I really enjoyed the variety of topics covered. Here’s the screenshot of the landing page I use for my free monthly “scrapinars.” Thanks for offering such a great prize.

  10. Great interview, we just added another family member so the discussion on family was appreciated! My wife is bootstrapping a music CD for kids (actually for parents who want to hear something besides typical mind-numbing songs) in big part thanks to your podcast and your own entrepreneurial journey. We’d love to create a more effective landing page. Thanks!

  11. Josh and I decided to choose the ladies on this one. Thanks to all who submitted for the contest. Here are the winners: Melissa, Chante’, Katie and we did a bonus for Lain (she’s a guest co-host so it wouldn’t have been fair to give her one of the original 3 prizes).

    I’ll be emailing all 4 with their codes to access their 6-month subscriptions to Kickoff Labs premium memberships.

  12. Better late then never, but I very much liked this episode. I could relate the family stuff to my position where I’m very slowly entering it. Also, it wasn’t one of those CEOs who will tell you “oh yeah, we have a marketing team so I don’t have any tips aside from hiring a bunch of people”. This was informative and realistic. Good work to you both.

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