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Tim Shares His Approach To Coaching, Consulting & Life Balance…

In this week’s show we’ve got a bit of a role-reversal, as regular co-host Lain Ehmann sits down to grill our host Tim Conley on how he does what he does, and what brought him here in the first place.

With a little help from Lain, Tim is going to run us through how exactly he structures his work-life balance, as well as his key philosophies as a business consultant and coach. There’s a huge amount to take away from this one and hearing Tim’s approach to business should prove hugely valuable for any entrepreneur.

You’ll learn why it’s so critical to focus on the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’ in entrepreneurship, how you can benefit from coaching (or not!), and most of all how to maximize your T.I.M.

The T.I.M. Equilibrium…

  • How Tim incorporates the T.I.M. framework into his own life.
  • Why focusing on money isn’t always the answer.
  • What makes a company attractive to work with.
  • Differences in dealing with solo entrepreneurs vs. a company.
  • Coaching and consulting. What’s the difference?
  • Why Tim is making it hard for you to give him money.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

You can check out Part 2 of the T.I.M. & Tim Story.

Foolish Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Time, Income & Mobility – FA174
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