How a Non-Technical Founder Built a 6 Figure Saas App – FA154


Do You Code? No?

Today’s guest has built a successful SaaS company even though he couldn’t program it himself. Brecht Palombo of and Bootstrapped With Kids shares how an economic collapse that hadn’t happened yet got him started in the software industry.

What is great is the humble beginnings of his app, which wasn’t even software. He started with an ugly PDF that proved the concept before investing his time and money into development.

The lessons in this episode are crucial for anyone, even those who code, to use in creating a successful app. Listen and take these lessons to heart. You’ll learn about validating an idea, to hiring and managing app developers (including the pitfalls) and all the way to marketing and selling your app.

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim “Ones & Zeros” Conley

FA154 – How a Non-Technical Founder Built a 6 Figure Saas App With Brecht Palombo
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