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A Guide To Brand Response Marketing…

Building strong brand awareness can sometimes fall by the wayside of direct response marketing, with the ultimate aim of a more bankable marketing strategy. However the long term benefits of building a brand image can be enormous for any startup or small business.

Surely there’s a way we can get these two strategies working together?

This week Tim sits down with guest co-host and co-founder of, Jack Zerby. Together they’re laying down a bit of a how-to on integrated lead generation systems and how they can be implemented in to your startup.

The sad truth is we all suck at following up leads. By embracing both online and offline strategies, capitalising on great PR and learning how to effectively follow up, it’s time to turn that around and take some actionable steps.

Why ‘No’ Doesn’t Always Mean ‘No’…

  • How following up will increase conversions.
  • Why offline isn’t dead.
  • Building a trusted brand.
  • The cost of not following up your leads.
  • Retargeting and how not to overdo it.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

How To Boost Your Brand With Integrated Lead Generation Systems – FA170
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  1. Procter & Gamble Company is an example of a multi-billion dollar business built with DR. (83 billion US$ in sales)

    Coca Cola is another example. Coke does a lot of brand building but, contrary to popular belief, it’s largely there to support DR marketing targeted at vendors. Coca Cola invented the coupon in 1888. currently collects 61 billion US$ in revenue. Despite being a Dot Com they are the number one sender of direct mail in the US.

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