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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is Lame Advice

We’ve all heard it at least a thousand times, but has it ever made your life better? Maybe once or twice when you actually did do something that made you feel uncomfortable.

Well, no mamby-pamby self-help blather is in this episode on comfort zones versus success. My guest co-host, Lain Ehmann hit me up on Skype to get my straight talk (some would say tactless) view on what it even means to get out of your comfort zone and how to use it to supercharge your business.

If you feel like you’ve stagnated or are not achieving your goals as fast I think is possible, then listen to this episode to get the advice and motivation that will light a fire under your ass.

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim “Comfy” Conley

Photo by Tommy Schultz
FA157 – How To Break Free Of Your Comfort Zone To Supercharge Your Business
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  1. Great picture! Tim, I love that you mention working out as an example of getting out of your comfort zone. About a month ago I changed my workout schedule from 4-5 times a week to 2 times a week but everything is now to failure (Occam’s Protocol to be exact)

    Lifting to failure is new to me and very uncomfortable.Since the regimen is lowered to 2 days per week, I find myself having time to dread about going since it’s not automatic anymore. I think about how much it’s gonna suck despite knowing that once I go it’s not really that bad and I’ll feel awesome afterwards.

    It’s funny to watch the battle going on inside your head even though I’m well aware of the benefits. I think it goes back to what you were referring to in the book about “the resistance.” The funniest part of all, however, is that I don’t feel good about myself until I step out of the comfort zone that day. It’s like I know exactly how to get what I want (happiness and more muscle) yet a part of me doesn’t want me to get it, almost like it’s testing to see how bad I want it.

    Do you ever feel that way?

    1. I feel that way all the time — even with stuff I enjoy. There are things I love to do, but will resist doing them, but once I do I’m super happy that I did.

      Something you could try is to do your 2 workouts, but go to the gym for some fun, but light exercise. Take a zumba class or play basketball.

  2. Thanks Tim for the this podcast. I listen to a lot of “business” podcasts and mostly I hear the same old BS! Getting where you really want to go by having everyone else do the work. I like someone who tells it the way it is. That things don’t come that easy for most of us.

    I’m a guy with a wife and two young daughters trying to make ends meet. I work nights and my wife works part time so we don’t have to use daycare. We have been trying for years to find something that will work for us so we never have to worry about being dependent on anyone else for a paycheck. We truly believe it will eventually happen as long as we keep trying. It is just slow going with our situation.

    I’m sure there are a lot of hard workers with families out there that listen to this pod cast and dream for something better but have to figure it all out and do it on their own. Just a note to say you are not alone and keep moving forward!

    1. Thanks Tim and Lain for the podcast and thanks Tony for the encouragement! We have two young children as well and yes, it will take us a little longer than others to build a successful business. Especially since we’re also following an Attachment Parenting/Unschooling parenting path which means that I spend a lot of time with my children and have never used daycare (so far). I really have to get out of my comfort zone and find a good babysitter for my children so I can work on a business – this causes some resistance and makes me uncomfortable. PS: Love the foolish adventure show!

    2. Tony G,
      I don’t know your situation other than what you’ve shared here, but I’ll give you some advice that I give everyone starting out.

      First, challenge your assumptions. Is it slow going truly because of your situation? Most of the time this isn’t the case. Breaking free of what we don’t want to get what we want is almost always a case of how we think. If we think it will take a long time, it will. If we believe it can be done quickly we will try to accomplish it quickly. That doesn’t mean it will happen quickly, but that we will put in the necessary effort to try to make it happen quickly.

      So, challenge your assumptions — all of them, not just the one I highlighted.

      Second, cut some expenses and put the money in the bank. Do you have cable TV? Get rid of it. Got a phone landline? I’m not sure why anyone would still have one, but get rid of it. Have data on your phone? Ditch it. Downsize the cost of your housing. Get rid of car payments especially if you have more than one car.

      Third, increase your income dramatically. The fastest way to do this is to sell a service locally. You may need to gain a skill that someone is willing to pay $50 or more per hour for, but this can be accomplished in 3 to 6 months of active practice. Even better is if you learn a skill that will be valuable to the type of business and lifestyle you want after you break free.

      Since you’re listening to FA, I’ll assume you want an Internet-based business. Then learn SEO or Adwords advertising or Facebook advertising. Practice. Offer your service for free to a couple of local business owners you know. Make them some money. Get testimonials and referrals from them. Charge $50+ per hour for your new clients.

      Pay off all your debt, build up a runway of 6 to 12 months of expenses and then you’ve got the ingredients to achieve the life you desire.

      I hope that helps.

  3. Hey Tim, great show. Too bad that you did not make it to Montreal during that motorcycle ride. I have listened to each one of your shows. What is holding me back? Nothing… I got my tango website ( started one month ago. In two more weeks I will be selling some dance videos and putting a Paypal button next to it, one month after I will put create a membership site (like Izzy) where people will have to become member to watch all the instructional videos coming up. Thank you for all the great advice.

    1. That’s awesome that you’re taking action. I’ll come to Montreal again sometime soon. I keep promising my friend in Vermont that I’ll come visit so next time I do, I’ll be sure to come up to Canada.

  4. Great podcast. My thing were I am struggling with at this moment is writing content for this new website which I am creating. Especially because my native language is Dutch and I am writing this content in English:D But I will get there eventually….

  5. Great pod cast guys. I’ve been listening to you guys for a while but this is my first post.

    The pod cast hit me right in the arse this morning and got me on the phone doing cold calls – ugh why do I suck at this?!

    Anyway, getting a little bit better everyday. Thanks guys!

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