How To Create A Successful Membership Site: Tim Bourquin Interview – FA060

From Police Officer To New Media Mogul: An Interview With Tim Bourquin of

Tim Bourquin was day trading stocks after getting off his shift as a police officer.  He got interested in podcasting in the days before it was called podcasting and built an audience for a mountain biking/triathlon podcast — he later sold this podcast and it was most likely the first podcast ever sold.

Tim has a broad range of business experience so he has a big picture view of business combined with a depth of knowledge that only comes from being in the trenches — from creating a couple expos & selling them to building a successful membership site called that gives Tim and his brother a great lifestyle.

This episode is a Blow Your Socks Off actionable, information-packed interview.  Listen at least twice if not half a dozen times.  You’ll learn something new each time.

We can’t wait to have Tim Bourquin back on the show.

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim and Izzy

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