How to Make $5000 to $10,000 Each Month as an Internet Marketing Consultant – FA083

Samuel Woods, Growth Marketing Consultant

Six Figures In 12 Months Or Less…
Ignite Your Consulting Business With Rain Maker Model: Reverse Engineered Acquisition.

Have you learned anything about Internet marketing?

Have you set up email opt-ins on your website and made an autoresponder series for it?

Do you know how to set up Facebook fan pages that get people to like a page?

What about getting your site to rank for a keyword phrase or two?

If you really want to quit your job and get control over your Time, Income and Mobility then becoming an Internet marketing consultant may be your ticket.

In this episode, guest Samuel Woods grills me about how I made a good living as a marketing consultant. Samuel wants to build a successful Internet marketing consulting company and I give him a roadmap that will get him there.

No Holding Back

I don’t hold anything back, but something I realized he didn’t ask in the episode was how much money he could make. With doing marketing work for other businesses, especially offline, local businesses, you can charge up to $1000 per month before you get to too much price resistance — though you’ll probably need to have some lower priced packages when you first get started.

Big Income, Few Clients

If you got just five clients at $1000 per month (this isn’t as hard as you may think), you’re making $5000 per month part-time (about 5 to 10 hours per month per client), which is significantly higher than the median household income in the US.

With some hustle you could land ten clients and still be working less than full-time. But…

Instead of spending all that money on your lifestyle, you should invest most of it into systems and staff that can help you increase your revenue and free up even more of your time.

The worst situation to be in is to fall victim to the rollercoaster of getting clients, doing the work and then needing to go find more clients.

Outsourcing & Systemization

Systems and staff (outsourced on a need-by-need basis) will help you make this into a sustainable income that will fund the business idea that you’re truly passionate about.

I cover how I outsourced work to experts so I could focus on the high-level strategies and customer relationships.

Warning: working with wonderful clients can be addicting and you may end up like me, 13 years later and still loving the work.

Listen to episode if you find this concept appealing. If you really like the episode and want to learn more, please leave comments or questions below. Samuel and I may do a part two in a month to this to see what has transpired since recording this.

Enjoy your Foolish Consulting,


How to Make $5000 to $10,000 Each Month as an Internet Marketing Consultant – FA083
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