How To Market Your Software With Rob Walling – FA128

Effectively Market Plugins, Downloadables & Software as a Service

Rob Walling of Startups For The Rest Of Us joins the show again to talk about marketing software. This is one of my favorite topics to discuss and having someone as smart and successful as Rob to talk to made me forget about the time so this one last just over an hour, but is well worth it if you sell software or are thinking about getting into the software industry.

Rob illustrates how to market software by using his own experiences, which I think is really useful since he used software to get control of his Time, Income and Mobility. Each advance he made in marketing software better allowed him to first go part time at his job and then to finally quit and dedicate his time to building his software business. I think Rob is a good model for anyone wanting to shift from full time employment to full time entrepreneur.

In this episode you’ll also learn about:

  • the 3 main categories of software and which one newbie software entrepreneurs should focus on first
  • how to “get the word out” when you’re just getting started and have a limited budget
  • use strategic alliances and joint ventures to grow your business
  • and much more.
  • To watch how Rob is launching a new software business check out

    Also listen to the first interview with Rob where he shares his story and whether you should get into software or not:
    To Software Or Not To Software.

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    Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

    Tim “SaaSy” Conley

    FA128 – How To Market Software With Rob Walling

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