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Overcoming Resistance To Getting Things Done

Sparked by an email from a listener, Izzy and Tim dive into overcoming the internal resistance many feel when trying to start and continue a project. Sometimes starting a business is like trying to get in shape. Getting to the gym the first time may be a struggle and may take coaxing yourself for several months before you go.

Then each day you need to get yourself to take another action towards your improving your health. A business is built much the same way. Sometimes you don’t want to work on your business especially after a long day at work, but staying focused on that future goal of one day being the captain of your own destiny can get you through.

Listen in to get advice and encouragement on really getting things done.

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Pomodoro Technique: focus & time management system

WordPress Documentation: need answers to a WordPress problem–search here first.

Bustaname: Researching a great domain name

Coming Soon…

We have mentioned on recent episodes that we are launching a membership site.  Our birthdays are just days apart so we want to launch on Tim’s birthday (Jan 24th) and close enrollment on Izzy’s birthday (Jan 29th).  For us, this is a great way to celebrate our birthdays (also it’s Tim’s 40th) and keep our initial charter members limited so we can focus our attention on helping you build your business.

More details will be coming soon.

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim and Izzy

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  1. Tim & Izzy, I know that you are all about a content filled business. But, I have a question that isn’t about content filled business. (I know that selling content would not be my thing, although, I wish it was.) I was just curious, I have been wanting to sell a small amt. of a certain product, through my own website. I just don’t know how to get a website/store up and going. Do you have any direction for me. I don’t want to invest “tons” of $ into a website. If I could do it myself, that would be great. I just don’t know where to start. Thanks!

    1. Before spending any money or a lot of time, you should first research the market in which this product is being sold.
      1. Is the product in high demand?
      2. Can you get exclusive rights?
      3. If not, then is there a lot of competition?
      4. How much will it cost to advertise online?
      5. Is there enough margin to pay the advertising, cost of product and make a profit?
      6. Will the manufacturer drop ship?
      7. Do it look possible to rank for important keywords to get search traffic?
      8. If all that looks reasonable, then how much do you have to invest?
      9. How long can you run the business before needing to take money out?

      These things should be answered before considering building a site. You may not have to build a site if the competition isn’t too great on eBay. Or if you are handcrafting this product yourself, you could start an Etsy site. I would suggest looking into if you really want to set up your own online store.

  2. Tim and Izzy: Great episode. Let me throw my own personal story into the “get something done” mix. I teach computer technology for a living, with an emphasis on senior citizens. This past December, my 15 year job with a non-profit came to an end as the economy finally hit us. Now I’m going out on my own with a couple existing teaching contracts, but more importantly, I’m finally able to spend time on my dream of creating an Internet presence (video blogging, eBooks, webinars) and a membership site. (My wife is a public school teacher, and is now the main provider until I get this going).

    Ok, so for the past few years, I’ve been reading all I can about Internet Marketing and creating an online business. I’ve even taken some very good, expensive, courses, on video marketing and blogging. I’ve signed up for EVERYONE’s newsletters, and downloaded a ton of PDF “how-to” eBooks. I have stacks of printed books and computer folders full of Internet marketing “guru” information. (and yes, I’ve even had a membership to IzzyVideo for a couple of years).

    Now, without a real job, it’s time to get something done. BUT, I find myself overwhelmed and paralyzed by all the information I see sitting there… and still find myself spending way too much time trying to read/listen/etc. through it all, for the answers to my ultimate success. I feel the need to “know it all” before I actually “do” something.

    A few days ago… a massive revelation finally hit me, as I was listening to one of your earlier episodes and you mentioned the NIke “just do it” phrase. Not sure why that particular thing did it, but suddenly realized that the best thing I could do is abandon all those not-yet-read eBooks, delete all those marketing emails, and just use what’s in my head from the past two years to DO something, regardless if it’s right or wrong.

    So that’s what I’ve embarked on. I’m eliminating all the old internet marketing distractions, and forging ahead with MY ideas and MY way of doing it.

    Now, before I end this, let me say that I’m not abandoning EVERY source. As I’ve listened to the Foolish Adventure podcasts (I’m still working on getting through them all), I’ve not only found them very helpful, but also have found that a lot of what you say is helping me confirm that the direction I’ve taken is the right one, and that what I’m planning on doing makes sense. So you guys are still on my “learning” plate, but you are the only ones at this point.

    Anyway, I’ve rambled here… but my point is… to get away from being one of the thousands of folks who want do have an online business, but never get started because of information overload, I’m taking what I already know, narrowing down to one source of information, and just doing it.

    Thanks again, guys, for all your doing.

    1. We are groomed through our educational system to believe that there is one right answer and that if you don’t know it you are either not ready (didn’t study enough) or deficient. This isn’t how life works. Doing anything new requires trial and error even when there are instructions.

      When we see all the gurus out there promoting “too good to be true” systems we can’t find the “one” right answer and can never be ready because new information is always coming out. Everyone of those gurus and the millions of business owners of all types in the world just picked one thing and got started.

      Also, everyone of those business owners made mistakes–sometimes huge ones and yet no teacher gave them an F for not knowing the right answer. They may have lost their business, but as long as they don’t quit they are able to achieve a version of success…and sometimes extraordinary success.

      Keep taking action. Keep on doing. Soon you’ll have momentum on your side.

  3. Guys, this episode resonated with me in a huge way. In fact when you where reading the email I was thinking “These guys are talking about me but have changed the name to protect the innocent!” No seriously, I thought that!

    My situation is similar but my problem is I can’t concentrate on ONE thing. I have so much going on, so many ideas that I think could make work, but I goof around and get interrupted by the littlest thing and end up doing everything half assed.

    The pomodoro technique is something I have thought about a lot and never actually done. I think this is something that would work for me. But the hardest thing is forcing myself to actually do it.

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention the Lizard Brain. A term used by Seth Godin. I happened to be re-listening to his interview on Mixergy earlier today. That’s another concept that really resonates with me too.

    Quick Question. I’m sure you guys talked about a web app that you guys that is like a social network for small businesses. Can you please remind me of the web address.

    Thanks chaps.

  4. You know, there are so many steps for setting up an online business (way more than I figured on when I began and I’m a pretty good project manager). However, I don’t think (at least in my situation) that it was the number of steps/tasks that caught me up. I was over-thinking — as Izzy was talking about — and in those moments, I became overwhelmed. My tip to others is to keep an eye on yourself for this kind of thing. Then, if you notice you’re doing this, too, stop and make a decision — don’t second guess yourself — just decide and move on. Decision by decision you’ll build that motivation that Tim mentioned — seriously.

  5. One step in any direction is good. From someone who was overwhelmed by information overload, overthinking, too many ideas etc. and “almost” paralyzed by it, what kept pushing me forward was the podcast and two constant reminders: 1. take action, 2. it doesn’t have to be perfect – trial and error and fix along the way. Once I accepted that things didn’t have to be perfect and I didn’t have to have all the answers to get started, I threw caution to the wind and went for it. I started w/ the smallest and easiest things first (domain name, hosting, website (wordpress)) and now I’m at the hard/fun part – awesome content. So in the words of Nike – just do it – do it now, and push forward from there. Thanks Tim & Izzy!

  6. hey izzy & tim,
    is it intended to publish the show first on this site and several day delayed on the Rss / Itunes feed?
    It happend the third time now that the actual episode is not in the feeds.
    Im following you via Itunes so i have to go to this site to listen to the show.
    So is it just an error ?? or is this to drive Traffic to this side .

    Bestt wishes,


  7. Hey guys. I just listened to this podcast this morning. I’ve also been listening to the Internet Business Mastery podcast you suggested a while back. I think the technique that they talk about “Just in time learning” would benefit your listener a lot. It would also help him with the baby steps ya’ll mentioned.

    1. Great advice. Marketers (oh, that includes me, too) want you to buy now so the pitch may actually make it sound like you need to learn the information now. To not fall for this from anyone, even me, have a plan as to what needs to be done. If you don’t have a website, learning about CPA networks isn’t a need to know now item. Also, if you don’t have a domain name, you don’t need to know how to set up a website yet. Granted some levels of learning run together quickly such as Domain Name –> Hosting –> WordPress Installation –> cool WP theme –> Content Creation.

      You may learn the above in the same day, but there is still an order to actually getting it done.

  8. Well, pretty impossible NOT to respond when the podcast you love is partially about yourself!

    Guys, thanks again for a great episode! You can imagine my surprise when I found out that you were talking about me!

    I think I have found out for myself why I do really dig your show! And it is not because this ones is about me, it is because I can relate to everything you guys are talking about.
    Maybe I am more of an Izzy-person in most ways (like not being able to multi-task) compared to Tim (just diving in and the unforgettable “Ready? Fire!, Aim”-approach), but I can appreciate both!
    In one case I really follow Izzy where he is like the sprinter, hates distractions (cause he realises that distractions are a MAJOR time consumer, and actually fears them?) and focusses best with the end in mind.
    And I also understand Tim with his examples of passions and hobbies, but it is the chemistry between you guys that makes this podcast one of a kind!

    And you know it’s funny (Now I even start to write in the way Izzy speaks!; damn you are the influencing kind!!) but in many ways it is the information overload that is most likely the biggest part of my problem.
    Indeed Izzy, I crave info! All kinds! The more information, the more I want to find out. And then it becomes a complete investigation on that topic.
    And then the distractions come in; you find out X but it depends on Y and don’t forget to take Z into account…. and there I go again.

    About a month ago I decided not to read any more e-books or interesting PDF’s I could find on the net, (only allowed to listen to the FA-podcasts!) and I told myself to JUST GET STARTED.
    And it worked, … for a while. I picked a domainname, followed a wordpress course, wrote some content, – got distracted a couple of (hundred) times, and ordered 4 books Tim recommended and mentioned in an episode!
    Nice, here we go again!

    But besides the information overload, it is my belief that the fact that I do not really ‘need’ this hobby/job-on-the-side, for various reasons, is also NOT helping me getting things done.
    Perhaps it is the self fulfilling prophecy here that kicks in, but it is a fact. I am already a very happy and lucky guy! But on the other hand; I really would like to set up this business. Even just for fun!

    In the mean time I have followed your advise and the site I wanted to create has developed into something more practical; my proces about living a more healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same.
    It is in dutch, (my name has indeed a Scandinavian touch, but that is due to my ancestors; I live in Amsterdam) so probably not very useful to most of ‘our’ listeners.
    Marketing-wise it would be great to announce my website here, but guess what? The site is still not live! Got distracted… ;o)
    But I am working on it. Gathering information again and probably getting distracted here and there, but I will get there!

    Until then, I am enjoying my Foolish Adventure! Perhaps that is what it’s all about!

    Best regards, and untill next time,


  9. All I can say is – YES! That is exactly the issue with me, too. My poor wee ebook still lies in a half-finished state months after I started it. I have gotten hung up on the delivery format and it’s not even done yet! The indecision has been a major roadblock. I really like the idea of setting aside a specific time to devote to writing or reading or other business-related research and will start doing that this week. By the way, I am taking the “One Little Word” class at and my word for 2011 is “DO!” (not a coincidence!)

  10. I really appreciate the transparency in this episode that demonstrates that it takes a lot more than simply knowing what to do to start and maintain an online business; kind of a “behind the scenes” into the life of experienced entrepreneurs which I am finding now usually boils down to creating great value and getting that value to your audience :o) Thank you for being such an inspiration and motivating me to get my niche sites started in addition to learning more about internet marketing. Presently I am learning *A TON* from (The 30 Day Challenge) and how important knowledge of internet marketing is in addition to creating great value for the world. I consider you both great mentors who have helped me to seek out further information and growth for myself while not settling for mediocrity.

  11. Wow… I am exactly like Tim (or is it Izzy?)… I am taking singing lessons after not doing it for years…and I want to take drum lessons… and buy a marimba… and pretty much play music all the time. But as I only want to gift of music mastery as a hobby I can’t (yet) invest even 15 minutes a day because I simply am a passionate and creative person and I know I need hours a day to master something (I taught myself web design so I have plenty of evidence for how much time it takes to go from ground zero to strong proficiency).

    I also am a day dreamer type… without bounds I will simply find CRAP to do and find creative ways to rationalize it as unavoidable.

    My answer is yours and it works… you must train yourself to work in 45 minute blocks and give yourself lots of love (forgiveness) if you’re not laser focused during that time… if you find yourself getting distracted by an errant thought you need to satisfy then do it.. just a few minutes, and get back on track. GETTING BACK ON TRACK – MANAGING BREAKDOWN – NOT AVOIDING BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU’LL GET DISTRACTED is called “SATISFICING”… look it up and do it.

    You and I suffer not from perfectionism but ‘unrelenting standards’… there’s just plain nothing…Nothing…Nothing…nothing… I’ve ever done which I don’t think couldn’t be an iota better.

    There’s a book called Self-Promotion for Introverts: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead.. get it… looks good so far.

    People like you an I who are introvert-creative-abstract thinkers must plain practice time management. How much? I think start with ONE 45 minute- sit down to work at a specific time of day – no negotiating out of it – and suck it through. Do that for six days straight. (2) Take a day off… a real day off… no work… none of this ‘I prefer to work 6 hrs a day for 7 days a week’.

    When I work on things I have to do I do it only with the 45 timer. Most of the time I can go right through to two of them in a row and then I must break… and really do break.. away from the computer… 15-30m at least!… Then do non-computer work for 45 if you can.

    When I work on the side business…and I am indeed passionate about it… then the timer is off… I don’t need it, I’m motivated.

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