How To REALLY Get Things Done – FA034

Overcoming Resistance To Getting Things Done

Sparked by an email from a listener, Izzy and Tim dive into overcoming the internal resistance many feel when trying to start and continue a project. Sometimes starting a business is like trying to get in shape. Getting to the gym the first time may be a struggle and may take coaxing yourself for several months before you go.

Then each day you need to get yourself to take another action towards your improving your health. A business is built much the same way. Sometimes you don’t want to work on your business especially after a long day at work, but staying focused on that future goal of one day being the captain of your own destiny can get you through.

Listen in to get advice and encouragement on really getting things done.

Our Picks of the Week

Pomodoro Technique: focus & time management system

WordPress Documentation: need answers to a WordPress problem–search here first.

Bustaname: Researching a great domain name

Coming Soon…

We have mentioned on recent episodes that we are launching a membership site.  Our birthdays are just days apart so we want to launch on Tim’s birthday (Jan 24th) and close enrollment on Izzy’s birthday (Jan 29th).  For us, this is a great way to celebrate our birthdays (also it’s Tim’s 40th) and keep our initial charter members limited so we can focus our attention on helping you build your business.

More details will be coming soon.

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim and Izzy

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