How To Run A Million Dollar Online Business – FA071

…Even If You’re Just Starting Out.

All the principles of running a million dollar online business are used even when you’re just starting out.

Yeah, some of the things you have to do in the day are different — like managing staff. When you are first starting, there is a good chance it is just you or you plus a cofounder or two, and you’ll be wearing all the hats in your business.

My friend and fellow podcaster, Ian of the, was kind enough to come on the show and talk about how he runs his million dollar a year company.

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Ian is the operations manager, or probably more accurately, the CEO of the company he and Dan Andrews founded.

In this episode, Ian covers how he and Dan run their business from multiple countries while focusing on a company culture that ties together staff from around the world.

And speaking of staff, the company is team focused. Ian explains why having a team has been a key element in creating a successful company.

Ian doesn’t hold back in this conversation. Business isn’t all mansions and Lamborghinis. Sometimes building a company isn’t glamourous and Ian talks about some of those downsides of business and how he deals with them.

This is a great show for anyone wanting to grow their own successful business especially if you’re willing to build a team to do it.

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