From Rapper To Info-Product Entrepreneur With Greg Rollett – FA114

Create A Personal Brand To Propel Your Business Success

What can a former rock band rapper teach you about becoming a successful info-product entrepreneur?

Greg Rollett of the Product Pros shares how he started making money online by teaching other bands how to book gigs. From that beginning he started building a brand around his knowledge of marketing and booking bands and became the go-to guy for bands wanting to make more money selling their music.

Now Greg makes info-products for others. His company helps create a “celebrity” brand for professionals (even lawyers! JK). Personal branding has transitioned into celebrity branding because our culture has defined celebrity as equal to subject authority. That means if people recognize you in your industry they will automatically see you as the most trusted authority in your industry.

Think Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz, but for plumbers, lawyers, and cake decorators.

Celebrity branding is a very powerful strategy for building a successful company so listen in to find out how to do it.

Enjoy your Foolish Branding,

Tim “Snookie” Conley
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