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Avoid Getting Hacked And Bring Your Business Up To Speed…

Chances are that if you’re running a WordPress website, your security probably sucks and your sites performance won’t be much better. While the implications of having a slow website may not be immediately obvious, I’m sure most have heard the horror stories of websites getting hacked and how painful it can be to get everything up and running again.

So, to help keep our websites in check we’ve got a Foolish regular and certified ‘Wordpress Mechanic’, Matt Paulson on the show.

While our previous shows with Matt focused on how he builds his consistently successful businesses, this week we’re taking a more nuts and bolts approach and looking at the tips and tools which will keep your website running as smooth as possible under the hood.

This episode is packed full of some really useful resources, so be sure to check the links below, and get your WordPress site up to scratch.

You’re Not Safe Just Because No-One Knows Who You Are…

  • The negative impact of having a slow site.
  • Caching plugins and how to get the most out of them.
  • Why making your site responsive is so crucial.
  • Minifying – what is it and why do we need to do it?
  • Keeping on top of WP and plugin updates.
  • How to utilize Google’s webmaster tools.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

How To Keep Your WordPress Site Snappy, Safe And Secure – FA183
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  1. A bunch of good advice. One of the first things I learned was to change ‘admin’ to something unique. Good stuff.
    Regarding backups… Don’t trust your hosting site. LOL! Gonna start using BackWPup from here on. Thank you

      1. Thank you. Great advice. I did try out BackWPup on two of my 16 sites last night based on your recommendation and found it SUPER easy to use.

  2. Great content, Matt! Can you post links to Google’s site speed analyzer (that measures image load time) as well as Google’s free caching service that were mentioned?..

  3. I’ve used BackupBuddy for several years now and can’t stress enough the importance of making backups but also keeping them off site as well.

    A while back I had my site hacked. They deleted EVERYTHING but two files which displayed a jpg image showing that my site was hacked.

    They deleted every backup I had stored in the root directory.

    Fortunately not only do I regularly download my backups to my laptop but BackupBuddy sends them to my Amazon S3 account where I was able to transfer the backup to my directory and was back up and running in no time at all.

    If I had simply relied on storing my backups on my site, I would have been hard pressed to get the site back up.

    After that, I installed the Better WP Security plugin and was blown away by how many attempts were made on my site. The plugin automatically bans anyone that attempts to log in more than three times in five minutes and places them on a blacklist. It also has a lot of other features that I use which so far has kept my site from being hacked again despite hundreds of attempts.

    Will be working on some of the other things you’ve touched on to speed up my website.
    My theme has a responsive version but it still has some bugs so I’m holding off on that.

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