From Kindergarten Music Teacher To Web Content Authority With Brian Lewis – FA173


You Only Need To Know One More Thing Than The Next Person…

This week on Foolish Adventure, we’re getting an inside look in to how a kindergarten music teacher (with a bit of technical know-how) pulled off a complete career 180 and took control of his time, income and mobility.

Meet Brian Lewis, long time Foolish listener, forum member and a fellow podcaster. Brian didn’t start off with your typical inspirational entrepreneurial story. After studying music performance in college and reluctantly falling in to teaching, he eventually got that familiar urge to start thinking outside of his career and explore his entrepreneurial ideas. From humble beginnings with a couple of tutorial videos, Brian has built a real online career in an impressively short amount of time.

This week you’ll learn how giving out free information can lead to money in your pocket, how to increase your exposure via web content, as well as some handy SEO hints.

The Best Way To Learn Is To Teach…

  • Transitioning from full time work to full time online business.
  • Effective video opt-in strategies.
  • Using new media to build your authority.
  • How to monetize your free information.
  • Current SEO tips to increase traffic.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

From Kindergarten Music Teacher To Web Content Authority With Brian Lewis – FA173
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