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Email Is A Conversation. Start The Right Conversation…

My good buddy and fellow ‘old school’ salesman, Damian Thompson joins me to discuss how to get and keep more customers by having the right conversation with your leads, new, current and former customers. Each stage, from lead to former customer, requires different approaches to get people to buy, buy more and refer others who become customers.

A brilliant marketer, Dean Jackson, says there are three stages of a business: Before, During & After. Your business is made up of what you do Before a person becomes a customer, what you do During the process someone becomes a customer and what you do After some has become a customer.

With email marketing, we try to get visitors to optin to our email list so that we can nurture them into becoming a customer (Lead Nurturing Emails) and then once they become customers we continue to communicate with them so that they stay customers (Lifecycle Emails).

If you Google lifecycle emails you’ll see it is a popular term in the tech startup world and they mostly focus on just getting someone to use their app, called onboarding. Not many are talking about what conversations to have to get them to become a customer nor what conversations should happen to keep them as a customer. And even fewer are talking about how to reactivate past customers with email. All of which Damian and I see as part of the Lifecycle.

Listen in to learn how to integrate Before, During and After conversations into your email marketing.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Get And Keep More Customers With These Linchpin Email Strategies – FA182
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