Manufacturing A Startup In A Material World – FA159

A Traveller’s Guide To The Manufacturing Business…


This week, Tim discusses a rarely touched upon subject on the show; how to design, manufacture and sell a physical product.

To offer up some valuable first-hand experience and advice is guest Jimmy Hayes, co-founder of

Jimmy, a native New Zealander (definitely not an Aussie!), has been at the manufacturing game since 2007. After travelling relentlessly with his buddies, he and partner Doug saw an opportunity in the lack of quality travel gear and set out to fill that hole. Beginning with absolutely zero experience in the field, they have built a truly exciting product with huge possibilities for the future.

Throughout this interview Jimmy gives great insight in to the processes involved and how best to approach such a daunting startup concept.

Time To Pack Your Bags…

  • How to turn your own problem into a solution for others.
  • Your community is your market.
  • How to pick niches and apply your product accordingly.
  • Marketing to the audience you know.
  • Online vs. physical stores.


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Enjoy your Foolish Adventure.

FA159 – Manufacturing A Startup In A Material World With Jimmy Hayes
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