Melissa’s Million Dollar Business


Bonus Training Session:
How To Build A Million Dollar Business Even In A Small Niche

This training sprung from a conversation had during the 10 Key Profit Centers Q&A Coaching Call I did with my members not long ago. We got to talking about how Melissa could take her small online niche business and turn it into a $1,000,000 company, whether she wanted to make a million dollars a year or a million dollars over the next few years.

I decided to create this training to go deeper in depth on how she (and anyone else) could do it. I think the big “ah ha” that Melissa got was the realization that she could, if she wanted, build an Internet business that does big annual revenue. I don’t think she ever thought of her business as having million dollar potential, but now she does.

Watch the video training or listen to the audio version and start building your $1,000,000 online business.

Download The Video

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Photo Credit: Tommy Schultz

A Foolish First

In just 1 week, I’m conducting the first ever Foolish Adventure Live Course called OEP Live.

It is a six-week training program built off the self-paced Online Entrepreneurship Program from FAU. More details are coming out this week. For this first class I’m only accepting 15 new students.

This is to ensure that I can give very personalized guidance while making sure the training is meeting the needs of the students.