Noah Kagan Loves Tacos And Teaching Entrepreneurs – FA190

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Tacos Vs Burritos
(or Noah and Tim discuss how to succeed as an entrepreneur)

Noah shares how he looks forward about 6 months to see what major trends are catching on and then taking action on one of the trends you can capitalize on.

He also goes after Anomalies of Success — something that was unusually successful for you. You find each one in your business and then doing as much of it as you can. Noah found that infoproducts were an Anomaly of Success for Appsumo so they pushed harder on them. He also found that Facebook advertising was another so he pumped a ton of effort and money there.

Tim and Noah also talk about Risk Management — how to keep pushing instead of becoming afraid of losing what you’ve made so far. Tim uses the metaphor of taking your poker chips off the table and put some in the bank to make sure you always have a cushion.

You’ll here about how so few take action to reach the goal they say they want. It turns out people want support, feedback, accountability, and peer interaction to help them reach their goals..

Lastly, Noah turned the tables on Tim to find out some podcasting secrets. Learn how about:

  • How long it takes to create an episode
  • The process to getting the episode edited and produced
  • How to choose and hire a podcast producer
  • The difference between front stage and back stage
  • All hires go on probation

Links From The Show
Mr. Money Mustache <-- one of my fav blogs Blue Yeti Mic
Winning Through Intimidation by Robert Ringer

Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Noah Kagan Loves Tacos And Teaching Entrepreneurs – FA190
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  1. I listened to the podcast in my car, you guys mentioned a book that was released not long ago. Came here for a link, but don’t see one. Is it worth a read?

    1. I forgot to link to it. The book is called Winning Through Intimidation.

      There is a renamed version called To Be Or Not To Be Intimidated that’s available too.

      The Leap Frog Theory was a key insight I got from the book.

      His other books are okay and should get added to your reading list.

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