How One Couple Turned Their Entrepreneurial Dreams Into An Apparel Reality – FA177

Jeremy Roberts Diving Head First

A Foolish Story Of Optimism, Sacrifice And Getting Results…

Here on Foolish Adventure, we’re always looking for stories of the regular guys who have done a complete life 180, jumped right in to a new industry and persevered long enough to reach their goals. So while Tim was doing a bit of his own research in to the apparel industry, he came across one bootstrapping entrepreneur who ticked all the boxes.

On the show this week is Jeremy Roberts of, who along with his wife has built a successful apparel business which is specifically focused on women’s clothing, inspired by menswear. All their clothing and materials are sourced locally within the U.S.A., and they’ve received an incredible reception since their initial launch in February.

Taking the leap from initial concept to production can be really overwhelming, particularly if you’re feeling stuck in the rat race. If you’re one of those people with the potentially huge idea, but lack the knowledge and confidence to go all-in, then you’re sure to take a ton of value from Jeremy’s experiences.

If You’ve Got A Big Enough Why, You’ll Figure Out The How…

  • First entrepreneurial steps and breaking away from your identity.
  • Working a new industry with minimal experience.
  • Manufacturing a physical product locally vs. abroad.
  • The cycle of production – not just applicable to manufacturing.
  • Building a solid audience before having a finished product.
  • Real life sacrifices and the reality of bootstrapping a company.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

How One Couple Turned Their Entrepreneurial Dreams Into An Apparel Reality – FA177
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