Leaving A High-Paying, Prestigious Job To Sell CB Radios: A Success Story – FA172


Solid Steps To Get Your Online Business Off The Ground…

We’ve all heard the story of the suit-and-tie guy ditching his career to pursue a life-long dream, right? Well here’s one with a twist ending… selling CB radios?

Andrew Youderian, formally a successful investment banker, had carefully planned his shift to entrepreneurship for some time. He’d weighed up his options, explored some ideas that grabbed him and built a solid runway and foundation to reach his goals. Finding inspiration from the 4-Hour Work Week, he set out on an e-commerce journey which has taken him to running two hugely successful online stores taking well over seven figures.

Andrew’s success story is one filled with great examples of how proper planning and execution can bring anyone up the ranks in the e-commerce world, even on a shoestring budget. If you’ve been trying to find the perfect e-commerce niche or are struggling with increasing your existing customers, this episode is sure to get you inspired.

Finding Your Niche…

  • Why we should decompress between projects.
  • Dropshipping or stocking ourselves?
  • How to build an experience for your customer.
  • Selling consumables to skyrocket your profits.
  • Patience and persistence while building momentum.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

One Investment Banker’s Journey To E-Commerce Success – FA172
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