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Huge Opportunities In Software And Information!

Today’s guest, Rob Walling of Software By Rob, Startups For The Rest Of Us, and much more, joins us to talk about building and selling software.

The surprising part is his belief that there is a lot of opportunity still in information products. Most software developers only talk software and believe that information wants to be free.

In this episode, we learn about buying software. I’m not talking about software for your computer, but software as your flagship product in your business. Rob has done this multiple times and has two successful software products he talks about in depth.

I even share some troubles I’m having with getting some programming done and why. I don’t share this story to show just how dumb I can be, but to help you avoid making the same mistakes as me.

Then I hit him with a question I get all the time, “Can anyone succeed in creating and selling software?”

His answer might surprise you.

Listen in and see if the software business is right for you.

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim “Plugin” Conley

PS. I apologize ahead of time for my nerdiness in the episode.

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