Online Entrepreneurship For Women With Steph Of The DailyDigi – FA065

Foolish Adventure really needed a woman’s touch in sprucing up the show. The Foolish Adventure Show had become a bachelor pad of sorts so I’m setting out to change that by bringing on a successful woman entrepreneur.

Steph, of, has a life many people (women and men) would love to have — great kids, happy marriage and an income-producing business she can be passionate about.

In paying attention to my audience, I’ve noticed that Foolish listeners are almost split 50/50 between men and women. Yet only once before has a woman been on the show and that spotlight was shared by her husband (I interviewed Izzy & Noell about their membership sites).

Steph brings a woman’s perspective to running an online business that I hope will resonate with more than just half of the Foolish listeners.

Why am I making a big deal of this?

I have a daughter.

I want her to know — beyond her dad just telling her — that she can do anything she sets her mind to. She can achieve success in any field (as long as it’s entrepreneurial — a dad can hope, right?).

I don’t want her to be afraid of standing up for her dreams or to be intimidated by technology and finance two crucial parts in modern business success.

That’s why I’m doing this. It’s for me. But…

If I want my daughter to grow up in a world where women are considered equals, I need to make sure I contribute resources for all women to succeed.

On another selfish note, I love being a stay-at-home dad. Right now my daughter is sitting across from me doing her math. She also gets to see what I do for money. Consulting and “Interweb” stuff is very abstract so it is good for her to see how it all gets done.

I think more parents would be happier if they could design a life for themselves and their children that includes lots of quality family time anytime and anywhere they wanted it. And hopefully, the Foolish Adventure Show can help parents create the life they dream for themselves and their kids no matter where they are in the world.

This episode isn’t about me, but about women in online entrepreneurship. I just wanted to share my motivation for this episode and to let you know that more women will be on the Foolish Adventure Show very soon and frequently. FA is no longer a bachelor pad.

Tim “aka Dad” Conley

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  • Yes please! I feel that there are very few women in the IM space, and I really am looking forward to listening to this episode on my next commute to work (I’ve already downloaded it from iTunes on my iPod Touch).

    In general, I feel that gender is not a “big deal” and I don’t pay too much attention to whether guests are male/female. Rather, I am more interested in their personalities and whether they mesh with my values/sense of humor/priorities. That being said, I am always looking for more inspirational people who are “just like me” and gender is definitely a part of that. So I look forward to less bachelor pad and more co-ed dorm. ūüôā

    • Thanks LJ. ¬†There are more than just men out there building businesses online and offline. ¬†Yet FA hadn’t brought on any women for a one-on-one interview. ¬†The podcast, Internet Marketing This Week, was revolutionary in that it was co-hosted by 2 successful women Internet marketers. ¬†Before that there were just a few podcasts that came and went, but never had a strong female presence.

      I want to showcase more success and not just from dudes.

  • Mary Bradley

    Good on you, Tim – can’t wait to listen!!

  • hometowngirl

    Just a couple of things, because it’s morning and I’m avoiding packing the rest of the house.

    1.¬† The Creative/Design team concept isn’t all that much different than, say, the concept of “street teams” for bands.¬† We give you the music in advance, and maybe a t-shirt or two, and you go promo the living snot out of our new release.¬† (Which crosses gender lines, of course.) ¬†¬† And to a lesser extent, even some of the product tester-type stuff, (where you send your almost-done product to a bunch of trusted folks to get feedback/editing/testamonials) too.¬†

    The digiscrap community (and a few other creative-type businesses) just seem to be more organized about it.  Which is, of course, *awesome*.

    2.¬† I think maybe (most) women kind of understand that it’s not a zero-sum game out there, too.¬† If everyone (or most) in a particular niche would work together, the enthusiasts are going to be all over whatever they love anyway — you’re not taking away from other people, you’re just adding some more valuable perspective/products to that customer’s experience.¬† (Even similar themes end up being purchased by the same people, because the perspective’s different or the style’s different, especially in the whole digi game.)

    Don’t get me wrong — I’ve seen some pretty unhappy women make it all about the drahmah, and women, I think, can be pretty mean to each other if they think someone’s being ripped off and so forth.¬† (Wooooo, but bigtime.¬† Like claws and evisceration-type protectiveness of each other.)¬† But I think on the whole, maybe, we just *get*, intuitively, that working together is much more awesome than competing.¬† We’re all in this together, whereas men tend to be a little more lone-wolf about things, even if they’re friends.

    (disclaimer:  total gender stereotyping, above.  Exceptions to the rules are always there, and each individual is going to have his or her own range of qualities, blahblahblah.  But I think the Sisterhood is still alive and well ina  lot of cases, and really, it gives us a bit of an advantage, especially where relationship marketing is so important these days.)

    Not being in posession of testosterone, though, I could be totally wrong and men could be just like this, too — I just haven’t seen it as much.

    Interesting topic.  Will have to revisit it when my brain has topped off the coffee levels for the day.

  • Was this post patronizing to women?

    I know I’m not a good writer, but I didn’t think my desire for raising my daughter in a world that showcased more successful women was patronizing.

    However, I’ve received a couple emails from women saying that I was.

    My intent wasn’t to be patronizing since I was talking about my daughter getting exposed to women entrepreneurs and not speaking directly to women. ¬†I’ve taken my daughter to tech and marketing conferences and they tend to be filled with men and of the few women who attended, most were the wives of the male entrepreneurs.

    In my post, I was lamenting the fact that I was contributing to a “male-only” environment. ¬†I want my daughter to be exposed to more than just male role models. ¬†That’s why I called it a selfish post.
    Hopefully, that clears things up a bit.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t think it was patronizing. It was really enlightening for me to hear why you were trying to make a change. I think it’s GREAT!

      • Thanks Steph. And thanks again for coming on the show.

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  • wcmfit

    What up Tim!? FA Rocks!! I wanted to ask if you do any coaching?

    • I do group coaching every week with my Gold members at Come join us.

  • Rene

    Woot! I always feel like my favorite podcasts are boys clubs. Or, you know, the party without any chicks. So much good information, but missing something! Thanks for being the first to step up.

    • Thanks, Rene. Keep listening for more successful women and of course the dudes, too.

  • Linda

    there is a podcast called “imake” that is based out of an island the UK.¬† I recommend her as a quest on the show as well.