Use These Online Marketing Strategies To Explode Your Product Sales – FA179

Jeremy Roberts

A Case Study On Pushing The Boundaries Of Marketing Online…

Recently on the show we had a guest on who is doing some really exciting stuff in the online apparel world, Jeremy Roberts of

Only problem is we completely missed out on getting to the really juicy stuff – how is Jeremy dealing with the sales and marketing aspects of his business?

Luckily, Jeremy was keen enough to get back on the show to share with us a second installment of the Tradlands journey. While our first chat was mostly focused on the initial planning stages and mindset of starting a new venture, this week we’re looking at how Jeremy is currently marketing his business, and running through some proven sales tactics which we can all learn and take something from.

Even if you’re not in the online apparel business, this week’s episode is full of effective marketing and sales strategies which can be used to supercharge your sales in any field.

So, sit back and enjoy.

Why Do People Buy Your Product, And How Cool Can You Make It?

  • Utilizing blogs for easy advertising.
  • Setting up your promotion cartel.
  • Why you need to find the time for content marketing.
  • Different strategies to encourage word of mouth promotion.
  • How to get out of the discounted product cycle.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Use These Online Marketing Strategies To Explode Your Product Sales – FA179
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