Outsourcing A Virtual Team Empire With Rob Rawson – FA168


Your Company Is Only As Good As Your People…

In today’s episode, Tim sits down with Rob Rawson, a proven expert in outsourcing and virtual team building. Rob is the creator of Staff.com and TimeDoctor.com, sites which are focused on allowing you to build long lasting and trusting relationships with your virtual employees, increasing your time, income and mobility.

After using just about every outsourcing option available on the market, Rob, as many others have before him, quickly realised that it can be almost impossible to build a strong and dependable online team. From his extensive knowledge of the market, his own personal need and an obvious understanding of domain name acquisition, Staff.com was born.

Listen in as Rob shares his real-world tips on building an online business, how you can get the most from your freelancers and the dangers of information products.

Hyping It Up With Rob’s Secret Strategies…

  • Testing a broad range to narrow down your options.
  • Getting and retaining the right people.
  • Ins and outs of the domain name marketplace.
  • Selling a service vs. information products.
  • ‘Moving the free-line’.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Outsourcing A Virtual Team Empire With Rob Rawson – FA168
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