Why Some Succeed Where Others Fail

The Problem Is Not The Problem. The Problem Is The Way You Think About The Problem. ~ Dan Sullivan My "job" is solving business problems for my clients. I get the pleasure of thinking about other people's problems. This has…

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Melissa’s Million Dollar Business


Bonus Training Session:
How To Build A Million Dollar Business Even In A Small Niche

This training sprung from a conversation had during the 10 Key Profit Centers Q&A Coaching Call I did with my members not long ago. We got to talking about how Melissa could take her small online niche business and turn it into a $1,000,000 company, whether she wanted to make a million dollars a year or a million dollars over the next few years.

I decided to create this training to go deeper in depth on how she (and anyone else) could do it. I think the big “ah ha” that Melissa got was the realization that she could, if she wanted, build an Internet business that does big annual revenue. I don’t think she ever thought of her business as having million dollar potential, but now she does.

Watch the video training or listen to the audio version and start building your $1,000,000 online business.

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Start Before You’re Ready


This Post Taken From FAU Training Blog

This is training I should have done ages ago since I have had to repeat what I’m about to cover dozens of times in the last couple of years.

Before You Get Started, Get Started

You need to be getting email optins as soon as possible — even before you have a working website.

I use SeedProd plugin (I interviewed the creator) to create landing pages while I build the website away from prying eyes.

So, here is the question I get every time I say to collect optins immediately:

How Can I Get Optins If I Have Nothing To Offer?

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