Building A Lifestyle With An Infoproducts Business – FA156


Returning To Our Roots

This episode brings us back to when The Foolish Adventure Show got started — selling infoproducts to gain the freedom of Time, Income and Mobility (T.I.M.).

Today’s guest, Andy Fossett of Gold Medal Bodies, shares his journey to his dream lifestyle and business.

You’ll get to hear how he is able to manage the company while traveling, how his company creates and markets their products and how three partners are able to split the duties of the company to bring the best they have to it and their customers.

I’m very happy to have Andy on here talking about

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How To Successfully Market Your Mobile Apps – FA155


Can Your Prospects Find Your App?

A concern I’ve had with marketing apps that reside in a marketplace such as Apple’s App Store is that an app is essentially lost inside.

You can’t do SEO on your app to get it to rank higher in the marketplace. You might get lucky and get highlighted by the marketplace team and get some exposure.

But basically, you need lots of sales and reviews to get more exposure through higher ranking. Without the exposure your app won’t

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