The Fastest Way To Obtain Location Independence With Sean Ogle – FA147

How To Get Freedom Of Time, Income & Mobility On this episode of The Foolish Adventure Show, I’ve got internationally known, Sean Ogle, on to talk about the fastest way to become location independent. Inside this episode, you’ll learn about: Why location independence is the ability to choose where you are, How to overcome uncertainty […]

Adventure Philanthropy: Running A Business While Doing Good With Scott Brills – FA141

What Does Travelling Five Months In A Shoe Have To Do With Business? In today’s episode of The Foolish Adventure Show your intrepid host (that’s me) is joined by adventure philanthropist, Scott Brills. Indiana Brills (no one calls him that) shares his tale of driving a shoe — yes, a shoe, from the United Kingdom […]

Haters Vs Customers – FA140

Do Not Feed The Trolls I’ve been known to take a tough-love approach to customers and prospects, but… I’m good at customer service. I really care about my customers so I do my best to go above and beyond their expectations especially when something goes wrong or their not satisfied. However, I’ve learned over the […]