Pay Now Podcasting: Put A Buy Button On Your Content – FA122

Is Podcasting Dead?

The Internet world claimed podcasting died in 2009. But, my guest co-host, Dan Andrews of and I know it didn’t die. Hell…

Can You Make Money From Podcasting?

If anything it got more effective as a marketing medium.

This episode is about developing a podcast that will attract a buying audience. People who have big problems or strong desires that they want addressed and they have the money to buy a solution.

Dan and I are true believers in podcasting as one of the most effective ways to:

  • network in your market to become a leading authority
  • develop a strong relationship with your audience
  • and get people to pull out their wallet for your products and services.

You’ll have to forgive us, we got a little goofy in this episode. Totally Dan’s fault.

Tim “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday” Conley

FA122 – Pay Now Podcasting – Put A Buy Now Button On It

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  • Hot diggity, maybe I should consider this…

    Thanks for the episode 🙂

    • Dan

      I did this for you.

      • lol, how generous – I think you’ll have an onslaught of new podcasts popping up as a result of your efforts

  • Great stuff! But what if I already have a podcast that started as a hobby and now I’d like to begin to monetize it. How do I do that when my niche doesn’t appear to be one that I can develop a product for?

    • Dan

      Yo JD thanks! I don’t know what Tim’s advice is but mine is: decide what your priorities are and what your goals are. The truth is, successful businesses can’t tolerate too many time intensive hobbies during the first few years. I’d test your assumption about monetizing your podcast as soon as you can (pool your audience, put up an early action list for a product launch) and test your audience– when you’ve got that information you can make a decision about how to spend your time based on your biz/lifestyle goals !

  • Dan

    Yeah it sorta seemed obvious to me that I’d want to get anybody on my mailing list, but not so much! Agreed that free reports seem to attract the wrong audience, heard that one before. I’d build a course or a mini-product/experience (maybe invitation to webinar etc) that solves the *precise* problem that your product intends to solve. That’s the short answer. 😀

    • I’m gonna quickly jump in as this triggered something I’ve been thinking about lately – it’s probably more beneficial to build a targeted small list of potentially ideal prospects, even if it means it’s small as opposed to large.

      Best way to do that is to make the reason for opt-in very, very specific as to what you’re covering/selling and who it’s for.

      If my list turns down 3,000 but attracts 100 targeted prospects, that’s probably more powerful than a list of 10,000 mostly random people.

      I like what you said Dan, as the list functions as an indoctrination funnel for future selling.

  • reggiepaq

    Another great one, Tim. Really motivated me again as always!!

    • Awesome! I made Dan do all the work in this episode.

  • Awesome episode! I had like 10 new ideas while listening! And I’m happy to give something back: there’s a great episode of the Niche Pursuits podcast on buying expired domains.

    I highly recommend everyone to give it a listen (you, Tim, included!). It’s a great alternative to SEO nowadays.

    Cheers to all!

  • JustinWCooke

    Thanks for the mention in the Q&A section, Tim!

    I love the “Pay Now Podcasting” mantra and agree that the faster you can get a paid product/service up, the faster you can see if it has any legs. You’re going to build audience over time anyway…and it only gets EASIER when the engagement increases over time…they’ll start to tell you want they want you to build.

    You mentioned that both of you didn’t really know what you were doing when you started your podcast. I just wanted to mention that for anyone looking to get started with podcasting, go back and have a listen to the EARLY episodes of your favorite podcasters. That’s exactly what I did and found it encouraging! If they could improve so much over time I knew I would too!

    • I can’t wait to listen to you two years from now. You started off 100 times better than I was when I started podcasting.

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  • Tim


    Hey man, I love your podcast! I’ve been listening to the LBP for over a year now and I’m glad I finally came over to check out Foolish Adventure.

    I’m thinking of ways to apply podcasting and “buy now” to my site Adventure Strong which is an adventure travel blog. Hopefully, I can come up with something other than just apparel. Anyway, a lot of your podcasts have given me ideas.


  • Josh

    Really enjoyed this podcast. I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast for a while, and this episode gave me a serious boost of inspiration.

    The only reason I haven’t started yet is because I don’t want to do a monologue podcast and I don’t want to do an interview based podcast. I was talking to a buddy who has a non-competing niche site in the same industry as me, and we agreed to do start a podcast on a niche that is of mutual interest to us.

    Our problem is how to host the podcast. The options are basically: 1) Host it on one of our blogs, 2) host it on both of our blogs or 3) start a new site for the podcast. We’re leaning towards number 3. Do you know of any podcasts where the hosts each have separate businesses?

    Valeu cara!
    Brazilian Gringo

    • Yeah, James Schramko and Tim Reid do Freedom Ocean podcast together and they have a separate site for FO. Then they list their products and other sites on FO.

      A separate site for the podcast in this situation is the equitable way to work together on a podcast. The other way would be to “hire” someone to cohost a podcast with you and then have it on your site so you get the full impact of the show.

      • Josh

        It seems like a win-win all around. Not only does it allow us to share audiences, but we will be reaching an even bigger audience from SEO because we’ll be targeting a large keyword that neither of us are really targeting yet. The more I think about it the more I get excited about this podcast

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