Using Techstars To Accelerate Success With Erica Douglass – FA167


It’s A Long Way To The Top…

Setting and reaching our financial and personal targets is a huge and frequently discussed topic on the show. But once we get there, how can we motivate ourselves to push on further than we initially thought possible?

To round off our women entrepreneur series is an interview with the hugely successful startup wiz, Erica Douglass. At 26 she had already sold one of her online businesses for over $1 million, and has recently been accepted in to the number one startup accelerator program in the world.

Through sheer determination and persistence, Erica has put herself in an amazing position and is showing no signs of slowing down — turbocharging her growth and success with the Techstars startup accelerator.

In this episode, Tim and Erica walk us through the benefits of challenging yourself, tackling your uncertainty and what it is to be a successful female in the startup world.

Persistence Is The Key To Success…

  • Pros and cons of a startup accelerator.
  • How to utilise your peers and get things moving.
  • Finding your sense of urgency and accountability.
  • The importance of good female role models.
  • Being the right kind of bossy.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Perseverance And Building On Your Success With Erica Douglass – FA167
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