Running Successful In-Person Events With Dan Taylor – FA160 Google Event

Be sure to leave Tim feedback as he puts Dan’s method to the test for his own Foolish event!

Want to know what it takes to make your own dream event a reality? Listen in to this week’s podcast as Tim finds inspiration from a guest with a wealth of knowledge in running engaging events and conferences.

Dan Taylor, of, stumbled upon an unlikely passion in running events while utilising them for his own promotion. Within 9 months he has found himself in charge of 20 global annual events, from Vietnam to Spain and with further expansion on the horizon. By the end of the episode you’ll have an insider’s perspective on how to plan, set up, budget, execute and follow through for your very own live event.

Build It And They Will Come…

  • Thinking outside the box to pick your perfect venue.
  • How to convert your following in to bums on seats.
  • Negotiation strategies to get bang for your buck.
  • Landing the big names.
  • Creating an amazing experience to ensure your guests aren’t one-offs.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

FA160 — Running Successful Events With Dan Taylor

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  1. Very informative, was enlightning to listen to. This only goes to show that the event that I was in was a waste of time and what to look for when considering attending. I was at a “e-business event”. The speakers were pretty good, but all the attendees were pitching their crap to one another like crazy. And it wasn’t even “e-” related. Stuff like solar panels. Plus, the organiser didn’t book anything for a few hour break – he and his staff took off, locked the doors and people from all around the country were left on the street to kind of self organise. I guess that’s not how a good event looks like? But how do I know beforehand the attendees won’t be just a bunch of random people, pitched by e-mail and clueless why they’re even there?

    1. I think you should check up on the reputation of the organizer as best you can. You can even contact the organizer beforehand to learn what types of people will be in attendance.

      Something like a Foolish Event would obviously be made up of people building Internet-based businesses. And with my reputation, you’d know there wouldn’t be any IM pitchfest nonsense.

      1. Yeah, I was too fast to go into it. I guess a good reference would be hearing about it time and time again from various people that you value, not only the organizer or random attendees who are blinded by him.
        Best of luck if you go through with it, fingers crossed it’s gonna be in Western Europe 😀

  2. I’d love to go to a foolish event!! On the condition that the Guinness flows like Wine
    😉 (Yes – that was my own branded “dumb and dumber” reference.)

      1. Sweet – When you bargain for free wifi and other amenities-make sure sure they include *DRAFT* Guinness. Homie don’t do bottles.

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