Sales Funnels That Sift, Sort And Screen – FA124

Use Education-based Marketing To Get More Leads
Then Sift, Sort & Screen Them To Find Your “A” Customers

In this episode, guest co-host, Samuel Woods, hit me with a question: How do I get more customers without spending the rest of my life constantly creating content?

I’ve been mentoring Samuel for about a year now and two concepts that I shared with him were education-based marketing and sift, sort and screen. I learned these strategies from my mentor, Joe Polish. Inside I’ll teach you what these strategies are and how to use them to attract the right people in your market, get them to enter your sales funnel and weed out the people who would be a bad fit for your company (done by educating them on how you’re company wouldn’t work for them).

There is a ton of training in this episode so you might want to take some notes. Then hit me up with questions in the comments on how to use these strategies in your business.

Enjoy your Foolish Educating,

Tim “49er” Conley

FA124 – Sales Funnels That Sift, Sort And Screen

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  1. Hi Tim,

    Your show has even a huge help to me so far in starting a new version of my site & changing my thinking in business. Soon I will share more of my grand scheme with you via email.

    I’ve just finished the new episode, and I loved the 3 product structure to get people to know, like & trust me. However, I’m not sure I heard the third product clearly defined. I scanned through that section of the show again and still didn’t find it. Did I miss something?

    Thanks for providing great content and wisdom.

    Kraig Rasmussen

  2. Hey Tim , wasup ?

    I wish I screened clients earlier in my carrier ( I offer services). I noticed that people that negotiated my fees were the worst clients. They produced the more stress and more often than not they ended up owning me money.

    Now, whenever someone tries to lower my price I tell them that we cannot work together.

    But , I am watching a Jay Abraham DVD . There he says we could exchange value . I may give it a try because not all people are scams . I understand that some just cannot afford my services.

    Is there anything else I could do ?

    thanks for your time .

    be healthy and smile.

    1. Jay Abraham likes to promote bartering. I’ve only done it a few times in my life. Bartering services for services has only worked out for me once. Bartering my services for physical goods has worked for me.

  3. Hi Tim,

    I especially like the unscripted episodes. You should do more of them. They tend to flow naturally.

  4. Hi Tim, this is truly a great episode. I enjoy the whole show and might be one of those who will never buy from you so I thought it would be nice at least to say thank you.

  5. Hi Tim, I’ve been listening since the Summer Marketing Mashup. I think this was your best episode so far! It’s nice to hear from *your* expertise – shows you do know what you’re talking about! Cheers!

  6. Tim & Yohan, great show – found lots of value in this show, loved the part that talked about specifics on avoiding the content hamster wheel. You mentioned Burchard, I’ve noticed one thing that sets him apart in his ability to NOT blog and seemingly create very little content (as opposed to the standard blog articles that seems to be industry standard) is that he has, behind the scenes, a laser focus on the particular product goal for his customer and his business. I think this helps him create content (usually videos) that people flock to in absurd numbers. It’s very pinpoint problems and results he focuses on… While painting a clear path from A to B. SO… going back to this FA episode, do you think many of us content creators, bloggers, podcastsrs, video vagabonds might not spend enough time laser focusing on customer problems & results… And instead we keep grinding out content that kinda wonders a bit, leading to a slower following, list building, and ultimately fewer “A” and “B” customers? Should we spend more time planning in the beginning before going on a produce-produce-produce binge?

    1. Depends a bit on where you’re at. My vote is, mostly, yes. And my experience thus far tells me, mostly, yes.

      However, and I do want to stress this — never, ever let planning and thinking take up too much of your time. Ever. You will only know what kind of content works when it’s “out in the wild”.

      The only planning you need to do, is figure out the steps someone needs to take before they take action, and the actual action for them to take. This should not take long.

      Then, once that type of content is created, create some variation of it, and test, test, test again, and test some more.

      1. Samuel, thanks for the response, great advice. I agree… planning shouldn’t take up all the time, but perhaps just some of the time (so you know which direction to run). I’ve found it has helped me know “what to do” on days I can work on the biz. But… Grand Foolish Ninja… what say you? 🙂

        1. By Grand Foolish Ninja, I’m assuming you’re talking about @TimConley:disqus? 🙂

          Yes, definitely take some time to map out the different buying phases people go through, and what kind of content would fit in with those phases, along with good Call-To-Actions. That won’t hurt, at all.

          The main point is just that do that once, then test and iterate.

          1. Mr. Woods did a good job answering. Tom, I think you may have been thrown by the Samuel in the name. He is the one and only Johan Woods.

            Burchard is doing a great job because he is focused on results both for his business and for those who buy from him. He sets out to build a buying audience and not just an audience. Too many bloggers think that an audience is an audience is an audience.

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