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shaynaHow To Stop Playing The Comparison Game And Get Real About Your Business…

In a world full of internet ‘gurus’ hyping up our potential profits to an unrealistic degree, it’s easy to lose sight of the reality of internet based business. Achieving long term growth and success is most often a gradual process, in which we are forever learning new skills and fine tuning the things we already know.

Though sometimes, success comes a little quicker than usual…

Meet Shayna Oliveira of, who in 18 months has gone from an ESL teacher with unstable employment, to running a profitable infoproduct business which is showing all the signs of real growth. Beginning in January 2012, Shayna saw the vast opportunities of getting an infoproduct business in her niche up and running, and took immediate and effective action.

This week’s episode will give you some killer step-by-step tips on taking the leap into an online business and how you can be constantly tweaking and improving to maintain sustained growth and profits. You’ll learn how to deal with expectations, some creative ways of re-purposing your content, effective autoresponder strategies and loads more.

Building Your Own Financial Future…

  • The importance of setting realistic goals.
  • How to build that initial traffic.
  • Utilising the ‘Be Everywhere’ approach.
  • The power of re-purposing your content.
  • Implementing an effective autoresponder strategy.
  • The unseen benefits of the $1 sell.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Secrets To The Steady Growth Of An Online Infoproduct Business With Shayna Oliveira – FA176
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  1. I want to start making better use of autoresponders and loved how Shayna uses hers. So when someone is going through the autoresponder, they are not getting the weekly new emails right? Or are they getting both simultaneously?

    1. Hi Heidi, thanks for listening!

      Exactly – those who are still in the auto responder sequence aren’t getting the weekly new emails. I simply set the new emails to send only to subscribers who joined BEFORE 90 days ago (and thus have already finished the autoresponder).

      Occasionally, when there’s something time sensitive like a new product launch, I pause the entire autoresponder sequence and email everyone.

        1. I use MailChimp. Haven’t experimented with multiple opt-in offers yet, but in Mailchimp you can “tag” subscribers (put existing subscribers into “groups”) – I do this manually – so that in the future, if I want to send a message to ONLY customers of the Pronunciation Course, or ONLY customers of the Travel Course, I can do that.

  2. That was a fantastic interview! Inspiring stories like this give hope to me and I am certain others who listened. Shayna, your sites are fantastic! Very clean and professional. Thanks for sharing your story! Scott

  3. Excellent interview Shayna and Tim, and super inspiring to listen to someone walking the same path. Been trying to find an online community to help combat the entrepreneurial loneliness, what do you recommend checking into?

  4. This was a very inspiring interview, thanks Shayna!
    More than inspiring, it was full of really great tips and I took a ton of notes that I hope will help me with my site.

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