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This Post Taken From FAU Training Blog

This is training I should have done ages ago since I have had to repeat what I’m about to cover dozens of times in the last couple of years.

Before You Get Started, Get Started

You need to be getting email optins as soon as possible — even before you have a working website.

I use SeedProd plugin (I interviewed the creator) to create landing pages while I build the website away from prying eyes.

So, here is the question I get every time I say to collect optins immediately:

How Can I Get Optins If I Have Nothing To Offer?

My question back is “how can you get optins if you don’t have an optin form?”

Sure, you’re not going to get that many to sign up without a good offer, but you will get people to sign up. They’ll be curious, they’ll have a real problem that needs solved and hoping you’ll be able to solve it and many more reasons for opting in.

For you, you get the chance to ask questions to be able to create a great solution to your market’s problem and you’ll have some beta testers at the ready. They may even be your very first customers.

That’s why I say start collecting email as soon as possible.

Rule #1: Don’t overthink it.

Really, just do it. Stop procrastinating. None of your reasons for not collecting optins are valid. They are just fear pretending to be reason.

The Simple Steps

  1. Get your domain name
  2. Set up hosting. My favorite is Hostgator.
  3. Setup basic wordpress setup
  4. Install Seedprod
  5. Use a cool photo for the background
  6. Write a headline and brief description
  7. Connect to an autoresponder such as Aweber
  8. Tell people to come to your site

This is what I’ve done in the examples below. And these are just 2 examples from my work. The original site on Foolish Adventure had a lame optin box, but it was there. Look at the below examples and do something similar.

You can improve your offer later, which you will do dozens (if not hundreds) of times over the next few years.

That’s it. Not tricky, not complex. Just get it done.

Examples From My Own Work

(Please don’t find these websites and optin. I won’t send you anything from DR and it will be an annoyance for my client.)



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  1. 100% agree with this! There’s no harm in collecting emails from interested people even before your project launches. I take part in many startup events here in Melbourne, and most teams set up a Launchrock page on the very first night and start pointing people to it. This is before they even have a MVP, let alone any content to send prospective subscribers!

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